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My cheap Logitech mouse is double clicking by itself so I'm looking to replace it. Any recommendations? I'd prefer wireless if at all possible. I was eyeing the Logitech G9X but I'm not positive.

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Personaly I prefer wired, because then I dont have to replace the batteries. but I game with a $25 microsoft mouse.

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logitech g500

i'm using a g9x atm, my g500 kind of messed up so i wanted to try a new one out. I still prefer g500.

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I got my mouse for 10 bucks from a local computer store. It's a Logitech M100. Simple 3 button mouse that works like it should,. If you just want a simple mouse it's perfect, but it's wired. I don't know if there's a wireless equivalent.

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I use and love my Cyborg R.A.T 5 mouse.

There is four models. Rat 3 is very cheap and most of the functions. Rat 5 has more functions, The rat 7 all functions and Rat 9 is wireless.

However as you go up more expensive

Just look at it! And its comfortable!

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I've got a G700 and I like it well enough.  It's got lots of buttons and you can switch your mouse wheel from clicking to smooth rolling.  It's one of the mice that the Giant Bomb guys used to race mouse wheels in that one video.

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@Marz said:

logitech g500

i'm using a g9x atm, my g500 kind of messed up so i wanted to try a new one out. I still prefer g500.

Also using a g9x and recommend it, or a 518 if you can find it/prefer a bigger mouse.

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I'm using a Razer Mamba 4G at the moment, it's pretty damn awesome. My previous mouse was a Logitech G5 which was pretty good but I've really taken a liking to the Mamba.

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Logitech G500. Very happy with it.

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My Logitech is doing the same double-click thing. So now I have to be very careful to really HOLD the left button when I'm closing tabs in Chrome or messing around in Photoshop.

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I have a G9x, it's a great mouse. If you can find it cheap, go for it. If you want something super cheap, get a G1 off eBay.

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I'm liking my Deathadder a lot.

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I'm using a SteelSeries Sensei, and I'm really enjoying it, but the Razer Deathadder and Naga are also both great, depending on what you play. The Naga Epic is wired and wireless, so you get the best of both worlds, but at a price. For gaming wired is considered best, but unless you're going pro, stick to what you love, I think.

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I tried the higher-end logitech wireless stuff but I guess I have a lot of RF interference around. I could never get it to work reliably.

Got a razer deathadder right now and it's pretty great. the most reliable mouse Ive ever had and excellent sensitivity and resolution - so great for photoshop and CAD too. the blue LEDs are a little annoying but you can turn them off

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Microsoft Laser Mouse (6000 is the model I have). Wired and tracks really well, but the wireless Microsoft mouse (wireless desktop 1000 kit) at my media center has also been amazing - and seems easier on the batteries than all the logitech wireless ones I've had. Although logitech also tends to make good products, so its more about finding the one that is comfortable to you.

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G400 isn't bad, now that the newer models don't have mouse prediction.

The IME 3.0 will always hold a place in my heart though.

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I have tried many different mice on the market but nothing is as comfortable and reliable to me as logitech mice. I have the G700 right now and I love it. At the very least, stay away from SteelSeries mice, they are utter trash.

Not only is it wireless, but you can plug it in for wired play and to charge at any time.

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I'd go with the Razor Deathadder, get mouse.

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Razor Death Adder.

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