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Hey everyone,

So I recently followed the trend of hooking up my PC to my TV for some couch gaming. I have an AMD Radeon 6870, with the DVI output going to my monitor, and an HDMI output going to the TV.

My question is this: will I see a performance drop if I run the same image on both displays, as opposed to just running one output at a time? This makes it a whole lot easier when I have to go back and forth from my desk to the couch (not the perfect setup, but it will have to do for the moment)

Thanks in advance!

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#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I'm pretty sure that, with your setup, you shouldn't see anything more than a very minimal performance hit. Most likely you won't notice any difference.

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#3 Posted by ZNine (14 posts) -

Cool, thanks! I just wanted to make sure it won't process everything twice or something, causing a significant drop in performance.

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#4 Posted by Slaegar (837 posts) -

I'm doing something very similar and have not encountered any noticeable framerate loss.

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