My Computer says I am losing disc space..

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My Computer is telling me that I am continually losing disc space on my harddrive when I am not doing anything, I free'd up about 100 gb and in 2 days without me installing anything  I am at 4gb.. any suggestions?

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virus? hard drive failure?

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I'll run a scan

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hmmm.... 96 gb seems like an awful lot. Maybe it's because you have system restore set to take up a lot of the hard drive? Or some temporary files are out of hand (still, 96 seems like too much for that). I'd suggest:

-check your system restore settings, make sure it's not set up to use too much of the HD.
-run disk clean-up
-defragment, just for good measure. Use something other than the default windows defragger, like Auslogics (free download, search for it on Google).

edit: if you're worried there's a problem with your hard drive, you should consider running chkdsk. Go to the DOS prompt and type chkdsk /F. That will search for corruption problems and repair anything it finds. It can't run chkdsk on an active drive so it will tell you you need to set it to run the next time you boot. That is normal. There's a second kind of check you can do on boot too. I forget what it's called but you run it from the boot menu usually, which can be accessed by pressing F8 during the boot process.

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you should take it out maybe put its diet down to ahhh idk 1000 calories a day and get that damn thing on the treadmill lord its been to long maybe some sit ups you know the drill melt off some of those gigawhats's

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He was asking for help, not to be ridiculed by some little shit trying to start trouble.

Anyways, by any chance do you play wow, and have the short cut to the launcher running through steam? If so, head over to your temp folder, and there will probably be a metric ton of blizzard launcher folders that serve no purpose. Also, if this is the case, instead of making a short cut to the launcher for wow, through steam, make it to the .exe itself, and it won't do that anymore.

It could also be some form of a downloader. I have run into those a couple of times. Usually what I find when I go looking, is just one file, that is huge, and just deleting it gets rid of it for good from my experiences. If you have virus software, and it does not pick it up. Then do what I normally do for them, start viewing the properties of various sections, until you find a cluster for example that looks way to big. So for example, say your looking around and you go into the properties of your... I dunno, videos folder, and there was never anything in there, but its showing a huge folder size, you most likely have found the general area of the problem.

I highly doubt anything is wrong with the hard drive itself, if it was breaking down, you would know it.

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Ok, so I went into my C: Drive and there was a folder..when I clicked on it there were a bunch of Binary Numbered folders.. I was like "Meh..delete" and I went from 3.1 GB left to 110GB  wow.

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SSSSsssounds... SSSSusssspicious.

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Must have been a downloader then. Glad to hear you got it removed.

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I've had my computer tell me I'm low on disk space, but never that I'm loosing it

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