Need a hack and slash game for pc

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Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes. I need a hack and slash game similar to dynasty warriors, samurai warriors and warriors orochi. Something PREFERABLY but NOT mandatory that has leveling, character creation and harder ai then koei games. I am looking for something for a medium ranged computer. Thanks

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Dark Souls, Devil May Cry, and...?

I understand that those aren't exactly what you're looking for but I'm drawing a blank.

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I enjoyed DmC, it's doesn't have character creation and it's fairly easy on normal difficulty but the high difficulty levels that can be unlocked can be very difficult.

Maybe try Rusty Hearts, I didn't get very far into it but it seems like the same type of game and probably gets harder the further in you get, I just didn't get too far in.

I'm sure there are a tonne of these in the free to play section on Steam.

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There are PC versions of Dynasty Warriors 4-7, just so you know, although 7 might be Japanese only. The ports are pretty bad. But then, the games were sort of bad to start with (even if I have a soft spot for them).

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The obvious cure-all for your particular ailment is Diablo III. Then I looked at the actual thread.

I can't think of any games that have the specific animation priority that Dynasty Warriors does.

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Wasn't there a Kingdom of Fire game or something on PC? That's all I can really think of.

Honestly, you're pretty much screwed.

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Demon Stone? It's closer to the EA Return of the King game, but I don't know if that one's available anymore. At least Demon Stone's available on GOG.

Koei's games definitely have their own distinct flavor, and I don't think you'll find anything like them made by another developer.

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Thanks guys. I own demon's souls and its ok. I guess I should have clarifed better haha more something with huge armies battling where I can control a single character. if that makes any sense. I have Dynasty Warriors Online, its ok and I know of the pc ports but I have played them and like you said the ports aren't too great.

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@lizpy66: You should consider Mount & Blade. And the Warband DLC. You might also enjoy the Revenge of the Berserk mod for it, that takes some elements from the anime Berserk. You can play team games, but you can also play as a single man battling a huge army if you like.

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Just good ol fun with depth there if you want it or just crazy hacking and slashing if that's what you prefer.

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@truthtellah that actually looks very good, not much of the graphics but graphics dont make a game, thanks i will definitely check it out!

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@lizpy66: Well, the graphics are a bit better now. Those videos are of its earlier version from like two years ago. heh. I think there are two Quick Looks of the game, too.

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DmC is pretty good on PC, and DMC4 though not being all that great runs super well. Honestly I'd say find a 360 and play Bayonetta. If you've already played that then play it again.

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definitely check out mount and blade and mount and blade warband. also, and it's not quite warriors-style hack n slash (but then neither are the mount and blade games), but the neverwinter mmo is pretty hack n slash. enters open beta on tuesday.

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Oh I have a 360 and ps3 @adam1808 but I don't like the looks of Bayonetta, looks like a tomb raider with different weapons but I could be wrong.

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Any of the 3D Prince of Persia games, the Gothic Series, Risen 1 and 2, Mount and Blade series, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, and The Witcher series is what I'd recommend.

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@lizpy66 said:

Oh I have a 360 and ps3 @adam1808 but I don't like the looks of Bayonetta, looks like a tomb raider with different weapons but I could be wrong.

They are absolutely nothing alike; Bayonetta is like DmC if anything.


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