Need a uber budget gpu recommendation please.

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Hello friends

Im useless when it comes to getting a new graphics card, usually when i ask someone for advice they keep telling me to fork out tons of cash on the best, and in most situations its just not something i can do.

Im after a Budget card which is better than my current one. (7300 LE) It is a 3 yr old hp computer.

I did have a 8600 GT running on it at one point which was perfect for me performance and power draw wise as im only the occasional wow gamer and maybe a rpg like mass effect here or there, but it ended up giving up on me.

So i ask you good people on GB to recommend a card that would meet my requirements on an (i assume a terrible oem psu, lite-on 300w)

P.s ive calculated my psu draw online and its 160 minimum, 210W 100% load with the 7300 le, and likewise it was 187, 235W load with the 8600GT.

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You sound like your'e on an extreme budget.. Are you bothered about playing new current games?. If you are, I'd say 560Ti. I suggest an Asus GTX 560Ti ( relative low cost). You'll be able to play the Witcher 2, if think you may like it.

I think you're gonna need a bigger PSU, Quint. What are your current specs?, it does help to know.

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Ok C2d E6550, with 4gb ddr2 ram, with the very obselete 7300LE - In the future of course it is going to definiteley be a PSU/CPU upgrade, but as i am a college student on a low very limited budget its not possible at this time, so the easiest way to get a performance boost is the graphics card. My wind experience is 3.4 limited by the graphics card the rest are 5.5-6+

I was taking a look at the 5670, even this might be pushing it on the psu side of things, but according to the psu calculator the max for my system with the 5670 is 225W, whereas the 8600GT was 235W, so it might be possible, would that be accurate ?

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Well, if you insist on sticking with that PSU, then the best card you can get is the GT 440.
I really would recommend getting a new PSU though...

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I ended up getting Sapphire radeon HD 5670, works like a charm for what i needed, at my low resolution, atleast for now, i can play everything on ultra that i wanted to play, (witcher 2, world of warcraft etc). Thanks for replies.

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@MartinDN: That was the card I was going to recommend just now before seeing you already got one yourself. It's the card best-suited for your current situation, and it's about the fastest card (barring the 6670) you can get without even requiring a 6-pin power cord.

In the future, I would refer you to articles such as this to help you with your purchases.

Happy gaming!

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