Need assistance with using a PS3 controller on a PC

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So I think I made it to Step 7

When I click on load driver the last couple lines of the log say,

"SUCCESS:Install MotioninJoy Driver Successfully.

INFO:Load Driver of 'Port:_#0002.Hub_#0004' completed."

I am assuming this would mean that MotioninJoy would then recognize my controller, yet upon returning to the "Profiles" screen the program doesn't seem to. I know I'm somehow missing a step, but can't tell what it is.

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One time driver install:

  • 1. Start DS3 Tool
  • 2. Go to the Driver manager tab
  • 3. Select ""load driver"" followed by ""install all"" (The program will display a message in the log; telling you when its finished)


  • 1. Afterwards hook up your PS3 controller trough USB and go to the ""Profiles tab""
    2. Check if the Connected game controller(s) tab properly recognises your dualschock controller
    3. Mark the ""Xbox 360 Controller Emulator"" option en klick Enable.
    4. Finish with the vibration test and DONT close the program, it needs to stay active in the background to work.

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