Need help on future purchase.

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I have a Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q6600 2.40GHz PC with a ATI Redeon 5670 HD. It plays most games on high settings but a lot of the current games only run on medium settings. I would like to build a new rig but money is tight. Can I get away with just upgrading the graphics card? I was considering a gtx 670. Would just upgrading the graphics card fix my issue? I would like to play most if not all games out right now on max settings. Is my computer even capable of handling such card? Any advise would help thanks.

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Yes you can get away with just upgrading the card right now. Actually. I have to say wait until Nvidia releases the 660. It wont be that long of a wait and I hear that ATI are prepping a major price reduction in response.

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Yeah, I'd wait for the 660. It's out this week if all goes according to plan, but expect limited quantities. Your processor will hold back the card a bit, but not to a larger degree.

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Your card is definitely the bottleneck, but your processor isn't very far behind.

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