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So one of my old Corsair 4GB Ram sticks burnt out yesterday so I am now in the market for some new RAM. I thought I might do what Geff said he did about RAM and just ask the internet, what is the RAM I should get. I was thinking about picking up a set of G-Skill 2133Mhz . I mosty use my computer for either video gaming, chrome r other normal computer things. The only bit that makes me think that some fast RAM might be good is for games, and for uni. As part of my degree, I have to run some janky ass trafic/structural simulations and I have noticed that they seem to hog an awful lot of ram, occasionally getting dam close to the 8GB that I had in there, but that is the only time it came close to maxing out.

Do you guys think I would be better off getting 8GB of fast RAM (and if so, are the G-Skill up to scratch, reviews seem ok) or 16GB of slower RAM?

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It's always better to get more RAM than faster RAM. Go with the 16GB of slower RAM. Also games don't really take advantage of fast RAM.

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More Ram > Faster Ram unless you're running an APU. That being said, why not both? The price difference form that retailers between 2x8 1600 G-Skill and 2x8 2133 G-Skill is like $40. 2133 is more or less the point of diminishing returns for DDR3 performance gains, unless you buy the ludicrously expensive stuff the 2400mhz speed ram actually can inversely effect performance because the latencies get to high (things start to pick up again at 2666).

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Get some DDR4 RAM.

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@thehbk said:

Get some DDR4 RAM.


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You wont notice the faster RAM at all until you start using SSD's anyway... Go with what Mikey87144 suggested, go with 16GB with slightly slower ram @ say 1600/1866 speeds. You wont need anything faster then that and DDR4 wont be out until pretty much the end of this year when Intel release their line of CPU's anyway. (big delay)

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@thehbk said:

Get some DDR4 RAM.

Consumer DDR4 isn't estimated to be released until late 2014/early 2015.

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