Need some quick Upgrade advice.

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So I bought a gaming foccused PC. I want to put in an SSD now. While I am at it I might want to upgrade the graphics card as well.

These are the specs. What do you recommend? Aiming for midrange. Is it even worth?

ASUS P6T SE, Intel 1366

Intel Core i7 930 (4x2,80GHz) Quad Core Sockel LGA 1366, 8MB Cache, QPI 4.8GT/S, 130W

Corsair XMS3 6GB 3-Kit Core i7 1600MHz CL9

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470, 1280 MB GDDR5

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Crucial M4 SSD and NVIDIA 2GB GTX-670 should be a nice upgrade for you.

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just buy the best you can for the budget you have. this is the mantra i always go by

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Not sure about the ssd, but with the graphics card stenchlord mentioned, you should be sitting comfortably for a while.

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the config looks a bit old. But that i7 processor is powerful enough. I second the ssd thoughts.get a best graphic card you can. I recommend ati hd 2x6870 or 1x7970

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If he's aiming for midrange why do people keep recommending high end $400 gpus?

Depending on your resolution you can get a $200 6870 or 560 ti and play pretty much anything with near max settings

#7 Posted by vighnesh11 (18 posts) -

@hunkulese with a 400usd graphics card,this pc can perform well above than mid range gaming pcs why spend 200usd simply for no gains-you can get maximum a 320gb ssd, (no one installs games in ssd,used mainly to power boot operating system,and rewriting kills an ssd(read writing cycle ssd))

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Graphics wise, i used to have a 560 Ti and it did good on all games, and it would probably be decent for another good year knowing nVidia. So i would suggest starting at that for a default card. If you've got enough, definitenly go higher though.

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