Need to replace my PSU

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I decided to build my own PC last December but I may have cheaped out on the PSU and I think I need to replace it before something bad happens. Currently I have a Powercool 750W which seems to work fine except the LEDs on the PC case keep flickering and it looks like some of the plastic covering the wires have melted inside.

Maybe I'm overreacting but I figure better safe than sorry, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could recommend me a reliable PSU. My PC has a I5-3570K, GeForce GTX670, Asus P8Z77 LK mobo, 8GB Corsair Vengeance and a 500GB western digital hard drive. I think 750W is enough for that.

If I do replace my PSU is it as simple as taking out the old one and putting the new one in? Or would I have to re-install my OS or something?

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Just gonna say, if shit's melting inside your PC then something is very very wrong. 750W should be enough though. I kind of overshot my PSU needs but felt like there was no point in cheaping out on that specific part. I'm running a Corsair 850W modular PSU, think Gold or Silver rating? Can't remember. Having a modular PSU isn't a necessity but goddamn if it isn't nice. As for installing, it's just a matter of pulling out the cables of your motherboard and graphics card and putting the new ones in it. No need to reinstall anything.

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750W should definitely be enough. These are pretty good. Like @Azteck mentioned, it is indeed as simple as taking the old one out and putting the new one in.

If you continue to run into power issues, it might be worth checking out your motherboard's settings to ensure that the correct voltage is being supplied to each part of the computer.

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Yeah I dont think its for a lack of wattage. I've a 2x 670's in SLi a 3770k at 4.5GHz and 850 is plenty for me. Probably a faulty PSU or (sorry) faulty build.

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Last December? I have a similar version but modular covering my 660 and stuff and it has been fine since very very early last year. One problem I had was my case is a bottom mount PSU so had to do some wire extending on the 4+4 CPU power wires. Other than that its running smooth.

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The 80+ rating means that it should be built with good components, unless they are lying about the cert.


Just googling around to find out how much power it actually delivers on its 12 volt lines.

I found this

stating that it only provides 16 + 18 amps on the 12 volt rails, meaning your cpu and graphics card, and most other components have to make due with 408 watts.

what's the lesson here?

Don't go by the number in the name of the product, read up on it's actual specs.

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I got a new PSU but installing it hasn't gone well.

I couldn't get the new PSU to work so I switched back to the old one to check if it was the new PSU. I couldn't get the old one to work until I disconnected the case fans. The mistake I think I was making was connecting a four pin connector on the end of the molex cables to pins on the motherboard that I thought were meant for the fans. The PC is now back the way it was before I started, with the old PSU and the case fans working but not connected to any pins on the motherboard.

What I'd like to know before I do anything else stupid is was it the mistake I was making connecting my case fans to the motherboard (the pins were marked fans) be responsible for the new PSU not working?

Also while the PC is currently working it makes a few noises now that concern me, mainly a quiet high pitched noise and a buzzing noise. They both go away but I'm worried I might have damaged something, I did get a warning message about the CPU fan when I turned it on without the fans, I turned the PC off as soon as I saw it.

I'd really appreciate any information that would help me avoid making any more mistakes.

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I would suggest using your motherboard's manual to avoid making incorrect connections. The manual will have a diagram that describes each connection.

As for the noise, could it be a wire brushing against one of your case fans?

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Okay, not to have my nose up in the air, but what is your new PSU? As for noises at start up, make sure the blades on any fan are clear. Mine makes noises too too, btw, but it goes away within a minute. Best was to see how your fans, cooling etc are doing, go into your Bios. You should be getting real-time readouts. there are of course programs , I found one wasn't telling me the truth, fan was running fine. The large fan on top for disipating...

Get a GOOD well known PSU, high rated and something like gold. Corsair has real good rep. I think mine is a Asus. It is over a 1000W, ridiculous I know and do agree, but no problems. I feel rather I spent too much on the MB and the HDD. The PSU I will turn a blind eye to as long as I over-shot.

To Optix12, I had fun making that connection also, I 'massaged' the the cable, made the turns tight, and got by without extending.

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Just replaced mine on Monday. Had an awful, generic brand PSU which came with my pre-built machine. The warranty recently expired, so I decided to replace it.

I went with a Corsair TXM (modular), since I wanted to make things tidy in there. That and a bunch of cable ties.

I'd suggest going with any of the following brands - Corsair, Seasonic, Antec or Coolermaster.

THIS was powering my machine for the longest time. I'd like to think I got off rather lucky.

Edit- sorry, jumped the gun there a bit. Make sure you have both the 4/8 pin cpu and 24 pin connectors attached to the motherboard. The CPU fan header should be connected directly to the motherboard, also. All other case fans can be connected via molex.

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Went a head and installed the new PSU and its working fine, no strange noises. Only problem now is the front fan on my case doesn't work anymore because one of the wire connections came lose, has two extra fans that still work so I doubt it'll be a problem.

Thanks for all the info.

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@mrflibble: buy a fan for the front anyway. airflow is nice.

what powersupply did you get by the way?

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@devildoll: I got this. I would've liked to go overboard and gotten one of the more expensive corsairs but it wasn't really an option. I'm planing on upgrading again at the end of the year, hopefully it will last me till then.

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@mrflibble: that one has 25 + 25 amps on the 12 volt rails, so you have 504 watt's total for the cpu gpu etc.

as long as you don't overclock anything, that should be enough to feed the 3570 and 670.

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