Need your thoughts on this pairing.

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I'm just wondering if this sound card:;=1340110415&sr;=8-1&keywords;=xonar+essence+stx

would be overkill for these headphones:;=UTF8&qid;=1340110600&sr;=1-1&keywords;=ath-ad700

Budget is not really an issue, I've just heard nothing but great things for the ath-ad700. I'm wondering if the onboard sound would take full advantage of them; that's where the stx comes in. I'd really appreciate your opinions! Thanks!

EDIT: Originally typed this up on my ipad, that's why it came out all clustered together, sorry!

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Honestly, as Brad said on a recent bombcast most onboard sound cards are pretty good. I would say unless your going to be doing some kind of audio editing you shouldn't really NEED a new sound card.

I will say though that the RCA connectors would be nice...

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As pointed out, inbuilt mobo sound cards these days are more than adequate unless you're doing audio editing or are an actual audiophile. If you do want to go the sound card rout, I'd look to their features first (like extra inputs), before 'sound quality', because you're probably not going to be able to tell the difference. Having said all that, if price is really not an issue, I would totally get a soundcard for the hell of it.

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Cool. I think I'll stick with just the AD700s. Thanks for your input guys.

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