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Hey guys!

I'm looking to finally getting around to updating my Video Card. I am currently running a nVidia GeForce GTX 560Ti 4GB card and I love it, but it's starting to choke on some of the new stuff like Rome: Total War 2 (Ultra) and Splinter Cell Blacklist (Extreme).

I'm looking to spend between 2-300 dollars. I am located in Canada so and are my best bets.

Anyone lend me some intel?


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Check out, I use their recommendations when upgrading my PC. Radeon 7970 would fit that price range (maybe a little over).

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Without knowing your other specs, it's hard to know if your video card is what needs replacing or if you are going to be bottlenecked by other hardware.

However the 760 is probably your best bet if you are sure that your system will not be bottle necked by your CPU.

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@rm082e: Single Monitor, 22-Inch, 1680x1050. Might be expanding to 2 screens so maybe the 4GB card would be best. Thanks!

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Gigabyte 4gb GTX 760

I would buy a 4gb version of the 760. Forget everyone who says that currently you do not need the extra vram unless you are running multi-monitor. That only applies to current games and is ignoring what will happen in the future. For example, Battlefield 4 recommends a video card with 3gb of vram or more for the game.

The link I gave you is for DirectCanada.Com, not Newegg. It is the same card, but a few dollars cheaper. They are based out of Vancouver and I have always had great luck with their service (me being based in BC I usually get my parts next day, even when I buy the standard shipping).

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@icecoldgamer said:

@rm082e: Single Monitor, 22-Inch, 1680x1050. Might be expanding to 2 screens so maybe the 4GB card would be best. Thanks!

The extra VRAM is only useful for multi-monitors when the game uses all the monitors. I don't know of any games that use two displays. It's either one or a three display set-up.

Get the 2GB version if you plan on playing on a single screen at 1080p and don't plan on going SLI.

Get the 4GB version if you plan on using three screens or a single screen above 1080p and or plan on getting a second GTX 760 4GB 1-2 years from now to go SLI.

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@monetarydread: i'd think a 760 would be a tad to weak to crank around a 4 GB scene at a playable framerate though.

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@monetarydread: i'd think a 760 would be a tad to weak to crank around a 4 GB scene at a playable framerate though.

Yeah, a single GTX 770 with 4GB VRAM makes more sense in terms of "future proofing." The 760 itself would probably be it's own bottleneck for every graphical setting other than resolution.

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@devildoll said:

@monetarydread: i'd think a 760 would be a tad to weak to crank around a 4 GB scene at a playable framerate though.

I would agree that a 770 would be a better card for future proofing, but a 760 is basically a re branded 670, which is not that far off from a GTX 680 in performance. I doubt the 760 / 670 is going to bottleneck the 4gb of vram because it is that powerful of a video card. Remember, games like Battlefield 4 are also designed around having a larger access to vram than Battlefield 3 or other current gen games.

Look at the recommended specs. GTX 660 or 7870 with 3GB vram. Since the 760 / 670 does not offer a 3gb option, only 2gb or 4gb options, then why not take advantage of the extra bandwidth available to you. This is especially true when you consider that the difference in price between the 2gb version and the 4gb version is $25 (my bad, its a $50 difference).

Edit: Also, Skyrim with texture packs + an ENB can easily go over 2gb of VRAM.

Edit 2: Ultimately, the 2gb vs 4gb decision depends on how long you will keep the card. If you are going to replace it in two years, the 2gb version should be fine. That said, we have a new generation of games coming out. That always means a spec bump that tends to offend a lot of PC gamers. I remember in 2007 / 2008 when all the games started recommending multi-core processors and catering to people with DX10 cards. Everyone cried at the fact that their highly-overclocked single cores and dual DX9 gpu's (that tech nerds said was all that was necessary) did not run games like they had hoped. Or back in 2003 / 2004 when min specs almost tripled overnight (thanks to Doom and Far Cry shipping with uncompressed textures and crazy lighting effects) and all of a sudden their gaming rigs that killed Battlefield were useless for anything else. Right now we are on the precipice of that same situation happening and I cannot, in good concious, recommend anything other than to wait a year or expect requirements to double.

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@monetarydread: With a 4GB GTX 760 being ~$300 USD though I would rather spend my money on a Radeon 7970 with 3GB VRAM.

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Sorry for hijacking this thread but i orderd this card: SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 7970 3GB GDDR5

Very excited about this card as this will help me with running arma 3 on very high:)

Any thoughts from the giant bomb community about this card?

Again sorry for hijacking this thread.

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I recently got the 760 2Gig and love it. That being said, I do plan on upgrading in a year or two ... maybe less if the 770 4 Gig goes on sale. My budget currently allotted for about $250 as I hadn't been intending on building a gaming rig; it just sorta happened. Coming from the current gen consoles, I feel like I'm already in the next gen.

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Thanks so much for all the recommendations!

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Thanks so much for all the recommendations!

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@mars: i find it difficult to upgrade to a card that comes from the same generation as the card i already own, i let alteast one generation pass.

difference between 760 and 770 is about 20%, so you'll be paying whatever money it costs for a 20 % increase.

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I currently have an AMD Radeon HD 7770 Ghz Edition 1GB card, it's ok but I want to grab a 2GB card or but don't want to spend too much $$, what would you guys recommend? I need more VRAM for Skyrim modding. lol

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@devildoll: yeah. It would have to be a good sale, but still, possible. Now, if I get good enough performance that I stay satisfied with the 760 for at least a year, then next gen card it is. I'm still so new to pc gaming that I really don't know how I should expect the "next gen" games to run. At present, I'm very happy.

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@nmc2008: Depends on your budget really, get atleast an GTX 760 or Radeon 7950, here are the new recommendations from My strategy is to get something in the $200-$400 price range every 2-3 years, upgrading when the performance starts to suffer.

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I got this card up and running now( SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 7970 3GB GDDR5) and its a beast.

I can play and learn arma 3 on ultra settings. I'm very excited:)

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Nice, get your gaming on. Next step, 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor :)

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Maybe:) i already have 24'' so i'm gonne wait a bit.

I'm ready for another 1.5 year of pc gaming goodness:)

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