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So its been about 14 years that I build my last PC. I bought a gaming PC 2ish years ago (custom build in a huge tower). I want to upgrade my video card. I got a GTX 470 card in a Asus P6T SE motherboard (Intel LGA1366 Platform, Intel® X58/ ICH10R chipset says on the website). So what CAN I put in there? What should I buy? Brad mentioned a GTX 660 coming out recently? What does Ti mean?

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You'll be able to put a GTX 660 inside your machine no problem, I imagine you have a big enough power supply so it shouldn't be a problem, the GTX 660s are PCI Express Gen 3.0, your motherboard is 2.0, but dont let that fool you, the graphics cards ARE backwards compatible, they will work just fine in 2.0 slots. Nvidia have come out with 2 different cards the GTX 660 and the GTX 660 Ti (titanium), the difference is simple, one is more powerfull then the other, hence it costs more, personally, i would only go with the 660 TI as you dont want to gimp any performance you have, and their almost as good as a GTX 670 anyway, best bang for buck money wise in my opinion.

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Thank you, good Sir for clearing that up.

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