nvidia drivers 310.70 whql probs...I think

#1 Posted by brutushayesosu (149 posts) -

Is anyone else having hella issues with these drivers? Mainly BSOD's. I'm not sure if that's my issue but since reverting back to previous "stable" drivers I haven't got any BSOD errors.

#2 Posted by Pr1mus (4090 posts) -

I haven't had any BSODs but i did get a lot of crashes in Civ V. Turning off GPU texture decode did the trick. I don't know if the drivers or the game were at fault though.

#3 Posted by newhaap (457 posts) -

What card do you have? People have been having problems, mostly crashes to desktop with DX11 games with the 500 series. I have been having problems with AC3 myself

#4 Posted by BaconGames (3728 posts) -

I downloaded the latest drivers yesterday or two days ago, and I haven't been having problems on my Windows 8, GTX 460 machine. Hard to say though, best advice is always to do some driver reverting and hope it works out.

#5 Posted by brutushayesosu (149 posts) -

@newhaap: windows 7 64bit on a 660ti w/8gb corsair vengeance 620psu I5 3750k(not oc) good temps

I was just doing some searching around when this became a regular problem and saw some other people were posting bsod probs with it. Not game related issues exactly, just random crashes and the driver seemed to be the issue. Just seeing if any giantbombers were in the same boat and if they thought or knew if the driver was trash

#6 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4761 posts) -

No problems with that driver on my end.

#7 Posted by destruktive (1116 posts) -

It was working fine yesterday and I upgraded on day of release but today I haven't been able to play more then 15 minutes of Diablo 3 before the game crashes. But I played many hours yesterday without problems. Also, no other problems or issues. so.. No? I have no clue.

#8 Posted by Chrjz (368 posts) -

If rolling back fixed it, then that should be a pretty good indication. Do you properly remove your old drivers before installing the new ones?

#9 Posted by Amafi (1009 posts) -

I had some issues with those here too. After installing on a fresh windows 8 install I didn't get video out at all. It just flashed black and white every 2 seconds or so.

#10 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

Bought a 550ti a couple of days ago and installed those drivers fresh. Haven't had any problems yet! Put loads of hours into Skyrim and a few into Far Cry 3 and AC3 and been all good on my end.

#11 Edited by Aviont (22 posts) -

I had to roll back to the previous drivers as well. The 310.70 drivers did not like Psychonauts and Spider-man Web of Shadows at all. Horrible slow down on both games and Psychonauts became unplayable due to it crashing every 10 minutes. When I did the install of 310.70 I did it with a clean install and removed all the older drivers first, so something is definately borked with the new drivers.

#12 Posted by brutushayesosu (149 posts) -

It was a bad ram stick all along. Shame on me

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