Okay, so my computer's blown up...

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So, apparently, using a dodgy power outlet that sizzles whenever you plug into it is a bad idea. 
I'm computer-less for a month or so, but I do have this little laptop here.  
It's a relatively old (few years) Toshiba Satellite Pro with a single core at 1.86GHz, with an (argh) integrated graphics chipset. Any games I could play while I wallow in deep despair?

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Ouch, integrated graphics? I think you're a bit screwed over... 
Try some of the weird indie games i guess. You know, Plants vs Zombies, and all those weird things that shouldn't take up too much graphics processing power. Only other thing i can think of that should run is Torchlight. 
Wait, does Warcraft 3 even work on that thing? If so, some of the custom maps stuff is pretty awesome.
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Audiosurf maybe.

#4 Posted by Joker_777 (326 posts) -

Tie Fighter.

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Rome Total War on minimum settings perhaps?

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Typing 5318008 into the calculator app and holding the laptop upside down ...
I think that's about it.

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I've got one word for you, just one word: Emulation.

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@Impossibilium said:

" Pong.  Typing 5318008 into the calculator app and holding the laptop upside down ...  I think that's about it. "

Hah.. I always loved playing with a calculator trying to create words when I was a kid. Especially when at school enduring boring math classes.
Oh, and I'm sorry about your computer, man. That sucks. I just found a collection of all the Metal Slug games a couple of days ago. So my advice to you, check them out. I guess those games should run somewhat smoothly on your laptop.
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As @SPACETURTLE said, the Metal Slug collection is awesome... You should also look into a Nintendo 64 emulator called Project64, it's legal, as far as i know..

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A lot of older games work on integrated graphics. Call of Duty, Deus Ex, Return to Castle Wolfenstein etc. You could try those.

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I'd be willing to bet you could run Torchlight.
Seriously, it's even got a netbook mode in it.
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Good Old Games
I bet you a majority of the games on there would work.  And they are cheap as hell and DRM free.  GL.
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I bet Torchlight would work on absolutely lowest settings.

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@SuperfluousMoniker said:
" I've got one word for you, just one word: Emulation. "
Word get your ZSnes on.
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dammit bugs back. Bumping again to push thread down

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@Epidepic:  PvZ on Google Chrome.  Plus a few others.  For me, there's always been Kongregate.  Then there's always a ton of oldies-but-goodies on GOG.
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Bejeweled 2? Maybe 3?
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Counter Strike, anything can play that game.

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