One final query about PSUs (sorry guys)

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My plans to upgrade my video card have gone awry due to the fact that every card onwards from mine requires two connections to the PSU, one 6 pin, and one 8 pin. Upon examining my own computer, I could only find one 8 pin connector, and that was connected to the motherboard. As such, I am already on a hunt for a new PSU (and I know where to look, thanks to you guys). However, (and this will show how incompetent I am), in the specs for PSUs, they don't actually list the connectors by how many pins they have. In order to make sure that the PSU has two 8 pin outputs, at which specs do I look at?

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usually on the manufacturer website they have the details listed regarding connectors and accessories included
what is the minimum wattage requirements, price and form factor measurements that you are looking for in a PSU?

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Well, I was originally going to go for the GTX 760, which requires 500W and 6-pin and 8-pin connectors. However, seeing as I will have to upgrade my PSU anyway, I have decided to instead go for a GTX 770, which requires 600W and a 6-pin and 8-pin connector. As such I just want a PSU at around 650W that has those necessary connectors (my current one only has one 8-pin, its in the MoBo).

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well the general recommendations I would make is buy a Seasonic branded PSU
those are slightly more expensive but they have great reliability.

the rest all depends on what other requirements you need, regarding to size and modularity
and the rating.

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For some reason, both of my local branches of computer store franchises don't stock SeaSonic, so I may be going for a Corsair instead.

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@adequatelyprepared: if you can I would suggest the AX series PSU from corsair, I believe Seasonic developed them for Corsair and are basically identical to their own
only the fan is different

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For some reason, both of my local branches of computer store franchises don't stock SeaSonic, so I may be going for a Corsair instead.

I like Corsair; it's a fine brand. I wouldn't feel bad picking up one.

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@adequatelyprepared: exactly what psu do you have at the moment? you have not told us that once over the course of these 3 threads.

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Seasonic is great they make alot of other peoples components like corsair and Antec.

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Pretty much every single psu over 550w will have the connections you need.

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