os not reading all ram

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Hey guys

I just made my first fully custom pc. I got 8gbs of ddr 1600 kingston hyper x ram, however on linux mint it says i have 7.8gbs ram. I have not installed windows yet.

Is there some thing wrong with the ram or is this just a software thing?

os is 64 bit and a 512mb gpu btw.

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It's fine.

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From what I understand, the CPU or something reserves a certain amount of RAM, leaving you with a lower amount of useable RAM. I had the same question when I built mine.

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Yeah you are fine, nothing wrong with the RAM. If you put a ram in your computer though you may experience some issues, I can't say for sure I have never tried it myself.

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Also the OS measures things like HDD size and RAM size in a different way than Manufacturers, thus giving you results like that.

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thanks guys

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