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We all are fully aware of "Steamitis" (I made it up,disease names were never a strong point of mine). We buy a ton of games, knowing full well we are never going to play them. Well, I want to help myself get rid of that, by documenting my Steam Library and its progress. At the moment I have 49 Steam Games, 12 of which I have completed. I'll rate each game as I complete it and maybe add a sentence to describe my time playing it.

How will I do this?

This may not be the best way of doing it, but I've decided I'm going to use Excel. The Spreadsheet format is handy as its synced to my Google Drive account, so any changes will automatically update on my Doc account, allowing people to see my progress (If anyone is interested) A link to my spreadsheet is here.

So yeah, as you can see, design is not my strong point and would love if someone could design a better template for a group of like minded individuals it would great. So is this a good idea for a thread or a bad idea, this is just a suggestion of mine and I would love if people joined me.


NameSpreadsheet Link
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Good luck im temped to do that with mine I have to many though lol and this sale I cant seems to help my self.

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I have like 120 games in Steam I have never booted up, I wish I could follow in your footsteps, but it ain't happening :/

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Guys, this is not about completing the games, its more about just documenting what we have and have not completed. I'm not expecting anyone to complete their backlog, just to have record what they have and have not completed, could make for some interesting stats to see what completion rates really are.

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I keep a list on GB of the games I complete and writing it down has encouraged me to finish games more often. I know I'll never catch up on even a chunk of my backlog, though. Discounting the hundreds of console games I have that I haven't finished (or often, even played), I have almost 2,000 games on GOG and Steam that I haven't completed (or mostly, even played).

I think my plan of attack is to keep the backlog from growing as much as possible, by playing new games. Then sprinkling in an older game, here and there. If I attack the backlog at the cost of the currently releasing games, I'll just end up with another backlog.

Of course, the David Allen / GTD / Inbox Zero way of handling this would be to throw out everything from before today and write it off, only dealing with the things that come at us going forward. That's kind of hard, when you have hundreds or thousands of games staring at you in your digital locker that you can't make go away. :D

One part of it is that I only started really playing videogames when I reached my twenties. Even then, I went a long time before I played anything that wasn't primarily multi-player (CS, BF, Unreal, Civ, etc) and I didn't play console games until I was in my 30s. So I have this massive "backlog" of things I'd like to experience that everyone else got around to in the 80s and 90s.

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I found it a lot easier to track progress using this website:


Give it a shot. I think its pretty. Although, you do have to manually add games.

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Good luck.

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@PatchRowcester: I have used Backloggery before, and I find it much faster to use spreadsheets. For example, typing my games only took 5-10 minutes, not having to go through the clunky settings on backloggery, plus with conditional formatting, changing a game from Not completed to completed only takes 2 seconds. I think this works better for me. Also everything is in front of you and editing it is a breeze.

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@Blackhebrew2: Agreed. Spreadsheets do make life easier. Its just that I've been so used to Backloggery, that I did not bother to spend as much time trying to create a spreadsheet.

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@Blackhebrew2: I already had a spreadsheet made but I didn't have Google drive set up. I do now and here is mine.

EDIT: And it includes all games, not just Steam games.

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Cool idea. Have you thought of sorting games in Steam into completed/not completed categories?

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I get enough spreadsheets at work, but I like your idea. After purchasing a flight stick and new GPU I bought a crazy amount of games. I just wish I had more time.

I have the next 2 days off, I think I'll try out this idea and try to rank them according to interest. After far cry 3 I really want to get through Metro 2033 and Don't Starve!

You guys ever play through a game on the easiest difficulty just so you can finish a game in a decent amount of time? As I get older thus seems more and more necessary.

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@zombiepenguin9: I haven't. I put them together as the red in the middle of the green disrupts the balance, meaning it acts as a motivator to try and turn the red green.

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@Poppduder: I usually play on Normal without much difficulty, however with Far Cry 3 I was really close to the end and I was so pissed at the helicopter misson I toned it down to easy in order to finish it quickly, so yes, from time to time I do.

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There are definitely times when I change the difficulty to Easy just to beat a mission. I had to do that Black Ops 1, Mass Effect 2 if I remember correctly.

That being said, I don't play single player games for challenge necessarily. I play them to experience the game. Also there is a fine line between frustrating and rewarding. I don't expect the developers to get it right 100% of the time, so I appreciate the fact that I can tone down the difficulty.

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I have too many games in my backlog and it hasn't exactly lightened with the recent steam sales. I'll have to take note of it when I get home.

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I dont keep track of my backlog, it would be scary to do it, but I do keep a list of every game I complete and when. Currently Im at 51 games this 'year' (due to a oddity this gaming year starts February 1st) with a goal of a minimum of 52 games (1 per week, though it never works out like that).

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I'm content with just trying to boot up every game I've purchased on steam at least once and give it a couple hours. If I'm not loving it, delete it and move on. Trying to beat every game would be madness.

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