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Hey all,

So lately, I've been getting an itch to get into PC gaming more than I have. I have a Macbook pro that I got for school years ago, and when running Windows, I've been able to play most current gen games (because I studied architecture, I had to get one of the better ones to handle CAD, Rhino, and the like). E3 definitely spurred it on, and now I'm getting very tempted to just build my own PC.

The problem is, though, I don't know the first thing about building PC's. I've hacked Kinects and built things using arduino's so I'm by no means new to making things with tech, but when I began attempting to research this project, I ran into almost information overload.

My question to you guys, then is: what are some sites you know of that have good features/advice/guides on building your own PC? Anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciative. Ideally, I want to shoot more top of the line, in terms of parts, both so that I can play some kickass games and use it for work (I do A LOT of 3d modeling/rendering/photoshopping/etc).


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Tested did a fantastic job with their guide. As a sort of overview and a video last year. Hey it's got Jeff as a guest!

Same principles. They were supposed to do another one for Jeff Green.

Except go for a 600 series video card probably and you'll be fine. Same CPU, you probably don't need to go Ivy Bridge just go for the i7 2600k.

If you want something a little crazy (I'm gonna be doing editing) look at mine to sort of see that same $1500 budget today.

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Check the sidebar for great faq's and info. There's always good advice there.

The Tested video is pretty good. I also remember Will did one by himself that was pretty useful too.

Good luck and keep us posted. You are about to embark on a great adventure.

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@Doctorchimp: Fantastic, thanks! I never really visited Tested as much as I should've, so I'll happily checked that out. 1500 is a price point fairly near my own, though I haven't really nailed it down yet.

@brainwins: Thanks, too! I'll check reddit out for sure. Been avoiding that site for years during school, though, so it wouldn't suck all my free time away.

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@CrossTheAtlantic: It varies greatly depending on the subreddit you visit. You should be safe on /r/buildapc :D

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