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I know how much you guys love these topics, so here is another help me build a PC thread. I need to build a PC that can run Starcraft II on medium for $750. Is that even reasonable? Where should I start, what parts should I use etc? Thanks

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@Commisar123: What parts do you have/are willing to part from your current PC? Where in the world are you? Do you have a Fry's/Microcenter near you? Are you in a position to get a dirt cheap/free license of Win7 from your school?

Microcenter often has really good CPU/Motherboard combos. The boards aren't the best, but if you're not going to overclock or do anything specific with your PC, they'll do just fine.

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@Zelyre: I have no real parts to use on a PC, I'm in the U.S. and I can get a cheap license from my school.

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I think this is a pretty good build myself and don't see how it could NOT run StarCraft II on medium (if that's all you're shooting for). I could whip something up myself, but you have to remember that everyone will have differing opinions on what's the best "bang for your buck" and all that stuff. Considering you can get a cheap license from your school, you should still be under the $750 dollar budget you put forth.


I think they updated their stuff to use the new Ivy Bridge processors (used to be an older i5 or i3 something on that list of parts). I'd say you'd be fine going with everything they placed on the list, but you should read through the rest of the article and decide if any of their proposed upgrades sound better to you. Dang, I just realized that if you mean you don't even have a monitor, keyboard/mouse, or speakers when you say "I have no real parts to use on a PC" then it'll be a bit tighter on the budget. If you go for a more basic keyboard/mouse and 19-22" monitor, you should be around 750, maybe a little over.

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Is there  a good guide for building a PC for about 400 - 500 dollars? I want to be able to build a comp that can run games that's been made in the last 6-7 years.

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