PC crashes/freezes when trying to run certain games.

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It's become pretty annoying now and I'm not sure what could be the problem. Here's the list of games i have, (guns of icarus, arma2,sfm,payday:the heist, garrys mod, borderlands 2, league of legends, dota 2, worms, trials evolutions gold edition, poker night 1/2, cry of fear, bf4, tf2, prototype 2, gtaIV) now here's the list of games that actually DON'T CRASH MY PC (tf2, payday, dota, League of legends, gmod, poker night 1/2, bf4, worms, guns of icarus, cry of fear.) All other games completely make me crash, I'll goto start up the game and instead of at least giving me a black screen i get the little loading icon on my mouse and then my pc freezes, then theres nothing to do but restart my pc. I've run a mem test and it says my memory's fine (i only have 12gbs left btw). I probably sound like a dumbass since I don't know enough about computers in the first place so spare me. I have a radeon 6970 graphics card, amd athlon dual processor (AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 270 Processor 3.40 GHz), 8gb ram, 700w power supply. I'm thinking that it's my hardrive since it's down to 12gbs but I want another sight on this from someone else. If it is my hardrive, will I just need to replace my current hardrive with a bigger one or will getting a external hardrive and swapping my game storage n such over to that do the trick somehow?

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You may have found the solution to the problem. Free up some disk space (you really don't need "all the games" installed) and see if this solves the problem. Even with 8Gb of RAM your computer will still use your Hdd for virtual memory and not having that space will cause your PC to have performance issues. This doesn't appear to be a hardware problem from what you've shared. There are some cpu and gpu intensive games that work on your pc while others do not. RAM errors or a PSU failure would cause you to have some sort of random BSOD error code from time to time and freeze your PC outside of games.

Other than that, here's my blanket advise for any weird shit on a PC where hardware failure is out of the question:

  1. Uninstall and install drivers to latest revision.
  2. Uninstall and install the program having the issue
  3. If problem persists, then another option is to uninstall and install Windows.

Follow the above if freeing up your Hdd doesn't solve the issue.

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