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@Aegon said:

@Artemesia: What's that first one from?

From a game called Darkout. It's inspired by games like Minecraft and Terraria. It is still very much in development and pretty buggy but it's fun! It has a lot of potential.

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Some more Skyrim stuff after installing a billion mods.

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Some Skyrim: Dragonborn screenshots coming up here. I've spent about 2-3 hours on the island so far and have only just gotten to that captain guy fighting the Ash Spawn in the quick look. The one they get to after about ten minutes on the island. Lot of things to do in Raven Rock.

Welcome to Solstheim
And Raven Rock
 There's Red Mountain
 Saw this cool sky effect and decided to take a screenshot. While being attacked by some dudes.
And here are some very minor spoilers? Nothing main quest related, I went off on a side quest and found something, or rather someone, cool.
And I won't explain these in detail, but it's awesome.
My two Dremora Lords taking a steam bath. Of poison.
Large Book
 Crazy Book
 Magic Book
 Me and Book
Dragonborn is awesome.
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What the fuck? Well this sucks, a bunch of pictures on this thread didn't make it in the transfer. Awesome.

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Yesterday, I worked on my house in Darkout. All of the blocks were originally wood so I went through, removed them and replaced them with some basic base blocks instead to spiff it up, expanding the upstairs and building the second room on the bottom while I was at it. Installed two new generators, went through and added some actual ceiling lights and started knocking out the back walls to replace with some fancier walls. It should look really good when it's done!

Also I got jumped by spooky alinums. Aliens don't have eyes and neither does my dude cause he's feeling up its face like he's trying to form a mental image.

"Yup, it's super gross."


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Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2

Finally got a 16-letter word; just for some context, getting a 16-letter word is ultra-fucking-hard.

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System Shock 2

just a few shots from very, very early on:

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Sometimes a game breaks and the result is better than the actual game.

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Some hot Hitman: Absolution and a real banger from graphical powerhouse Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Ghost Recon looks fantastic some of the time but every now and then it just looks terrible.

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System Shock 2

Same as before, but this time, even moddier:

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What the fuck? Well this sucks, a bunch of pictures on this thread didn't make it in the transfer. Awesome.

They work fine if you click on them. My guess is the "super" versions of the images got lost somewhere. The full size ones are all good.

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New site, new playthrough of the Mass Effect games. I spent an inordinate amount of time catching dumb dialogue and lens flare for this to be a quick run, though.

I can't think of anything to make fun of this. It writes its own comedy.
Those eyes are fucking terrifying
I knew I should have been Sylvester Shepard
Don't mind that ground texture.
I forgot why I took this one.
This looked pretty cool.
"Phew, so glad we just took that open tram ride over hostile territory while standing stock still."
"'Ey you! What's this smell like to you?"

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Seems I have 0 images now? That sucks. Whelp, I guess I should make more. Took a few more Dragonborn ones and got some Battlefield 3 ones to put up.

Serana likes to sit or cook or do something every time you stop for like, four seconds.
Some glowing...Netches? Something.
Old Silt Strider.
Looks like we're here again.
Looks cool though.
Oh, he's just pointing at a book.
Another glowy magical book, hurray!
So...I went to sleep in-game for like, 16 hours to get to morning, and I woke up doing this. Yeah, not creepy at all.
Durnehviir is awesome.
Taught me the last word of Soul Tear.
It kills dudes then captures their soul and then raises them to fight for you. I need to try this on an animal.

Dragonborn is still awesome, and I still haven't done the main quest getting on 5+ hours.

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Bit.Trip Runner

This game looks all sweet and innocent, but it's so fucking hard ;__;

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Some early Dead Space 3.

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@wrecks: Oof... I'm going to go ahead and make that first one my wallpaper if you don't mind...

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@beachthunder: what game is this it looks crazy .

just started playing dragonborn seems preity good so far

assassins creed no dragonborn??

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@cloudnineboya: I'm not sure which game you're referring to, but every game I've posted images of I've also mentioned the name at the top.

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@beachthunder: sorry, totally did not see the bold 'bit. trip runner' header. my bad, looks mint i will need to check it out, never heard off this game before.

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I've been playing more Darkout and Aliens: Colonial Marines. I found this weird cave filled with crystals in Darkout. I am going to explore it later!

Also more creepy aliums.

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System Shock 2

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Dishonored downsampled from 2560x1600 with 4xMSAA





"Hatters gona hat"

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Tag: The Power of Paint

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Crysis 3

Doing the first run with lower settings and running it at 60 frames, planning on doing a second playthrough with all the bells and whistles and probably 20 frames, lol.

Game still looks really good.

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Crysis 3 everything maxed out with 4xSMAA

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Some people say Tera Sexualize women too much

I have no idea what they are talking about.

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I don't know what you mean. Don't you go adventuring in a camisole?

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Goddam...at some point since its F2P i might have to check it out.

Crysis 3 downsampled from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200

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Binary Domain

It was a steal for $5.

Brutal Legend

PC version just came out on Steam. Showing its age a bit, but I love the art style and it runs smoothly on my modest rig.

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@extomar: And that running animation is completely normal!

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@i_am_lono: What is this game? I didn't see you mention the name. Like the art style.

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Dead Space 3

Hard Reset style menu transitions :D

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I like the last one especially, that whole area is the best looking in the game imo.

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I've been having loads of fun with Max Payne 3's multiplayer customization lately.

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I really like the lighting in Crysis 3 and theres so much more to see if you dont just run from marker to marker.

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Project Cars and GTA 4. Downsampled from 4K.

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@darkdeus: Hey, no cheating and posting real pictures!

Seriously, wow.

Battlefield 3! Looks great.

Looks pretty great.
I really like this one.
I also like this one a lot.
That city.
Precariously placed pot is precarious.
Dudes faces are pretty exposed looking.
Aaaand boom goes the dynmite.
' There is no "Overkill." There is only "Open Fire" and "I need to reload." ' - The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries.
Though rocket launchers and heavy machine guns can't stop Earthquakes.
Or blur.
Or gravity.
Or buildings falling onto helicopters.

I have some multiplayer ones that I'll put up later. This post is large enough as-is.

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Definitely the most visually striking of the Mojam 2013 games.

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Wasteland Kings

Another game from the Mojam. Spoiler: it's awesome :D

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Kingdoms Of Amalur:Reckoning was on sale so bought it and been messing around with it.

Downsampled from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200 with SMAA_ULTRA via SweetFX and DPX, Lumasharpen, Vignette.

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awesome screenshots guys ^^ keep them cumming

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Showing of some of that sweet seet TressFx
Some of these deaths are fucking grusome

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By far the best looking game I have ever played.

PS: TressFX sucks so I turned it off.

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