PC Screenshot thread

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MGR bosses were made for screenshots.

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@seedofpower: Whenever I take screenshots for any reason, I crop out the borders and censor out certain material.

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Tomb Raider

Finally got around to playing Tomb Raider and It's a very nice looking game. Pretty decent game to boot too. Tress FX was a performance killer so it's turned off.

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Finally page 46! Page 45 went on for A While...

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Broken Age

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@kishinfoulux: Man, that's so beautiful, I really should consider running a dolphin emulator. Isn't that like 4 ghz processor in order to get it to run? Man I love Raijin's design.

Metal Gear Rising Revengence PC port 1080p, no antialiasing

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Japanese Garden sequence still ranks in as my favorite part in Rising.

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Broken Age: Act 1

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Broken Age: Act 1

Just a few retro mode screens

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Wolf Among Us Episode 2 (No Spoilers)

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1620p Downsampling

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King of Dragon Pass

Oh my god, this fucking game is amazing. I bought it in a GOG sale on a whim and must have put 20 hours into it. SO much fun!

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@krullban: lol that's awesome

Max Payne 2 (it wont let me turn on AA which sucks)

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@bigjeffrey: "You are no lord, and you are no lady" Try going through your control pannel and just overrighting the game to have AA over it?

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Titanfall - 1080p textures set to medium, I'll imagine someone is going to show off better work, but right now medium gets the job done.

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Max Payne 2 with Payne Evolution mod, turned on aa too (This game is the best)

shitty screen Shoot while munching on pills

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@bigjeffrey: I request some flamingo screenshots. "Mirrors are more fun then television"

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@bigjeffrey: "Noire York City, fighting my own double John Mirror." I can watch those forever.

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The Wolf Among Us: Smoke and Mirrors

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Classroom Aquatic Alpha

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The Plan

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Total War: Rome II

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Just some hudless happy snaps of Green's journey through Spelunky.

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Pioneer is a freeware remake of Frontier: Elite II, objectively my favorite video game of all time. pioneerspacesim.net

Sunrise on Earth
The Blue Marble itself, home of the Federation and humanity. A great ancient philosopher David Q. Lang once said some shit about it
Hangin' out at Tranquility Base on the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON
Approaching Phobos, on of the Martian moons
Orbiting Phobos as we sink into a cold lonely Martian night
Mars High, the orbiting space port of Mars. See if you can spot my ship ;)
Good Morning Mars. In the 31st century the Red Planet is terraformed and a bit less shitty than before.
Approaching Earth, looks like the sea level has risen drastically, a return to normal after those crappy ice ages a few millennia ago.
Goin' to hang out with some dudes on the Moon
The other Martian moon Deimos has a nice moon city.
Approaching Mars High
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So I decided to replay the Mass Effect games last November, I've just got to the first act of the third game. Here is what my Shepard looks like through the three games so far.

Mass Effect

The armor besides the default ones in the first Mass Effect is kinda horrible.

Mass Effect 2

Lots of moody lighting in ME2.

Mass Effect 3

Her face changed a bit through the transition from ME2 to ME3, I'm not exactly sure why though. It could be the hair.

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The Cursed Forest

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Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 certainly has some nice moments

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@bigjeffrey: Your love for Remedy games pleases me, brother.

Since you posted Alan Wake screens not long ago, are you aware of the freecam mode? You can use a controller to go on free cam and take all kinds of amazing screenshots from any angle you wish. It's marvelous, I just started playing the game again and I'm charmed once more.

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Deadfall Adventures

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South Park: The Stick of Truth

1620p downsampling

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South Park The Stick Of Truth

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The Walking Dead: Season 2: A House Divided

Make sure you view this at full resolution!

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My Characters in the order they appeared.

Eclipse War Online: Amalager

Dragon Nest: Jejeling

Mercenary OPS: Super_Proxy

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1620p Downsampling

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My Healer. Eclipse War Online. XD

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BioShock Infinite

Burial At Sea Part 2

1620p Downsampling

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Picked up Binary Domain from the Sega Humble Bundle - It is still a sweet game. It is like game version of a b-movie.

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wow, which mods are that? (and first person mod)

How did You forced proper widescreen without stretching?

as fo aa, I know that that in MP2, aa disables when You are in bullet time. So even tho You have msaa turned on, force smaa too, so it will help with jaggies when in bulelt time

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