Picky duder looking for recommendations

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Hey duders,

I've been cruel to my (what was top of the line) PC that I built two years ago. The only gaming action it gets is with CS:S.

So, I'm looking for suggestions on a new game. Problem is, I'm quite picky. Even greater problem, there is no pattern to the games I enjoy on PC. With console gaming, making suggestions would be easy as I only play JRPGs and fighters. I'll let you duders try to discern a pattern.


- Counter Strike Source (haven't tried CS:Go)

- Guild Wars (dislike GW2)

- Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (dislike Jedi Academy)

- Call of Duty 1 (dislike all other CoDs)


- Aion (for a free MMO was kind of cool, though I ignored 50% of the games content like crafting, collecting, armor creating, etc.)

- Team Fortress 2 (i liked it for the first year before it got out of control)

- Battlefield 3 (bought for the pretty visuals mainly, so stopped playing after a couple months)

no thanks:

- AC:IV (got for free, hated it. combat was boring and the environment wasn't all that engaging)

- Skyrim (played ~2 hours, didn't like the combat and leveling system)

- Mass Effect (didn't feel attached to the character/story in the slightest)

games i bought on sale and never/barely touched:

- Bioshock 2


- Portal

- Broken Age


- SC2 / L4D / AOE2 - fun games, but only if playing in LAN. didn't enjoy playing single-player or random opponents online

I am interested in trying out The Forest when it comes out. Also, the other day I tried Shogun 2. I didn't give it much time and may go back to it, but my initial impression was that the scope was too grand for my liking.

I'm open to any genre. Some exceptions: subscription-based MMOs, Bethesda games, or games that are best played over LAN (I recently moved and don't have friends anymore *sniff*).


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It's hard to pin down your interests so these recommendations might be off the mark. It seems that you like competitive games with a lot of depth. Have you considered DotA? It seems up your alley.

People around here seem to think Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA IV and GTA V and I'm one of them. It's a more focused game with a interesting setting and excellent combat; something the GTA series hasn't had in a long time.

And lastly, Dark Souls. I'd say it's the best game from this decade. It has excellent combat design, boss design and level design, the latter two of which are lacking in Dark Souls 2.

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Since you were okay with Aion and like Guild Wars, try Wildstar, an MMO that has free beta period for a week now.

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First of all, a lot of people here hate the word 'gamer,' you'd probably get more views and responses if you edit it out, just a tip!

Secondly, I really wanna figure you out now because the items of your post are intriguing, I could not pinpoint a thing about you, you're mad and I like it.

  • I've played CS and CoD out of your 'loved' list btw. Do you really love the first CoD but not the second? Or MW1? Why is that?
  • What is it about CSS that grabbed you so much to the point that you're only playing that game? Anything specific or is it easy (in a way) to jump in and play it?
  • I wouldn't consider BF3 "okay" if you bought it for the visuals and stopped 2 months in, before any map packs even dropped. You should explain your definition of 'okay' to be clearer.
  • Your 'no thanks' category tells me that atmosphere and environment doesn't grab you or do it for you very much? If you resisted the colorful world of Skyrim and the oceans and tropical islands of Black Flag, that's my conclusion.
  • Lastly I wanna ask, what are you seeking out of vidja gaims? I like a compelling atmosphere wrapped around innovative gameplay mechanics, if the gameplay is basic/bad or the atmosphere is shitty, I feel bored. What about you?
  • Also the fact that you're on a PC has a lot of exclusive or superior advantages, so that can be counted in a recommendation, but I'm not sure which aspect of PC makes you play on it?

You're a remarkable specimen, or maybe a hipster :P j/k

It seems that you like competitive games with a lot of depth. Have you considered DotA? It seems up your alley.

That sounds about right, go for it!

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I only play JRPGs and fighters.

Try Might and Magic X if you want something turn-based like a JRPG. It's not really the same, but you said "JRPG" and I thought "turn-based" so maybe try it out.

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Since you like JRPGS, why not give the Ys games a try?

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@mosespippy: Oh right, forgot to mention I have the Souls games for PS3. Loved Demon's Souls/DS1, but similarly found DS2 to be disappointing - main issue I had was the change in how the developers approached making things 'difficult'. I had not considered Sleeping Dogs. Watched some clips online and this may be a good one for me. Looks like Yakuza 4 inside of GTA :) As for DotA, the learning curve seems really steep. But I'll look into it more.

@nomin: The cartoony design turned me off, but thanks for the suggestion!

@jabr: Ys has a PC game? I thought there were all for PSP/DS.

@singingmenstrual: haha thanks? Interesting tip, don't quite understand it but I'll trust you :p

CoD: CoD2 was actually okay. So I'll correct my previous statement to say CoD4 (didn't play any others). The reason I didn't enjoy CoD4 was simply because it was 'modern warfare', thus too chaotic with unpredictable deaths that were beyond your control.

CSS: I really enjoy the simple to play, difficult to master aspect. This type of competitive gaming is my favorite. This is also the reason I loved Jedi Outcast and GW1. These games are simple in controls with no fluff, but require developing skills to master. And developing the skills isn't a direct correlation to time spent- which is another plus. They're fun from whatever skill level. For example, in GW1 you can start PvPing at max level with max armor instantly. But being creative with what skills you put into your limited 8 slots is the challenge, and that is only limited by your creativity- there is no database with a list of effective skill sets.

BF3: I picked it up after the map packs came out, so I got Karkand and some others within that time span. Karkand was good, didn't care for the rest.

As for your other questions, hopefully this clears my mysteries up: On consoles, I play JRPGs; whereas on PC, I play online. Basically, each fills in the others' weakness to cover my two main interests. While JRPGs are weak in online aspects, PC is weak in the type of story-telling, environments, and turn-based action I find in JRPGs. That isn't to say I'm only looking for online games, but as the pattern shows, everything I've enjoyed on PC has been online. For single-player games, atmosphere is more crucial - which is why I didn't like AC:IV, ME, etc. But for online games, gameplay comes first. If there is a single-player PC game with great engaging atmosphere, maybe I'll enjoy it (hence why I'm interested in The Forest).

You helped me discover another pattern as well with my point above about CSS/Jedi Outcast/GW1: they are easy and enjoyable to play from the start, are simple in concept, and can be a fun challenge in trying to master. These are the aspects of online games I enjoy.

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Have you considered S.T.A.L.K.E.R and its sequels? At the mention of atmosphere they pop right into my head. Great FPS/pseudo RPG with a harrowing, unique atmosphere.

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@anywhereilay: awesome, I had not considered it before but I'll add it to the list!

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