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Hi, this thread is a tradition at a lot of forums to show off your pc screenshots. It has to be pc games only taken with a program like fraps or whatever and it would maybe make the pc section of the forum more lively. Taking screenshots can be done with fraps, xfire and pressing print screen, copy, paste and save on the paint program. Don't post a ton per post, you can still post quite a few and you can discuss the games and screenshots, comment about it for this thread if you want. If you have pc ingame screenshots, don't hesitate to post it. There are no limit to how many screenshots per post or any size limitations if you have a good internet connection. Here is a good html code if you like to post 1080p stuff yet want to resize the resolution. <a href="direct link for image here"><img src="same link" height=720 width=1280></img></a>  
If some of these screenshots looks to big to you and you can't see it with a lesser resolution display, you can click on the middle mouse button over a screenshot you want to see and you can resize it in another window. Or you can right click and open in a new window or tab to see the screenshot.
Check back every now and then for this thread at the pc section of the forum because there will always be new screenshots of different games. 




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Resident evil 5, very fun on the pc and very sharp.

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I see your pc's totally pimpin', so I won't bother xD

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Just a small selection of the MI:SE screenshots I took for the wiki. I took tonnes of screenshots of that game. A couple even got included in Ryan's review of the game
Also, just a note to people - if you upload screenshots to this thread, please add them to the wiki too. It doesn't take a lot of effort and it is of great benefit to the site.
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just grabbed some screenies from my xfire account :)
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Cant wait for modern warfare 2, even if the multiplayer isnt going to be as good. Post your screenshots, keep the tradition alive.

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Just some WoW Screenshots

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Boo all of you, 0FPS on all of these! Are you kidding me!?!

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Hahaha, i started a trend. And if you need anyone to play against you in COD, i'll be playing it too.
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Hells yeah!
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@Pie said:
Hells yeah! "
Broken Sword is awesome dude!!!!
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@MattyFTM said:
" @Pie said
Hells yeah! "
Broken Sword is awesome dude!!!! "
And you all thought I was nothing more than a Halo pew pew pew person :P
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@captain_clayman said:
Damn, i wish my PC could handle those kind of graphics.
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Your second picture looks really, really nice. Maybe it's just me, though.
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I really like this game, difficult at first, however really flows well later on

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 Half-Life 2 - Great interactive game

 Gnome into space achievement

 Yoda in action

Car Supplies!
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You actually got that gnome achievement? You are a brave, brave man
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@Mikemcn said:
" @angelkanarias: You actually got that gnome achievement? You are a brave, brave man "
It was funner doing that than playing through episode 1 for the first time
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Best game ever...imo.

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I just uploaded a bunch of men of war pics, so i swear, this is my last post.  
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Ha do ken

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@angelkanarias said:


Car Supplies!
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@Mikemcn said:
" @angelkanarias: You actually got that gnome achievement? You are a brave, brave man "
XD, thank you. It was quite frustrating in some parts, but pressing the button and kissing goodbye to the gnome was priceless.
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@ArchScabby: lol
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Cant wait for left4dead 2, should of took more screenshots of that game.

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I'll try root out some actual in game screenshots, but here are a few CoD4 scoreboards I took with Xfire over a year ago.

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@Binman88: Kinda looked like me, back in the days.
*Searching desperately for some old screenies*
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How the hell did you play on that map, on PC and only die 7 times? Thats impossible. Unless there was like 8 players in the match.
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Gears of war on the pc with Anti aliasing and DirectX 10 settings.

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I don't have a great PC... in fact all I have is my laptop, it can run some game decent but not like these shots.  Still I have to say I'm enjoying seeing the potential of some of these games, the rain in Gears looks amazing.
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@HitmanAgent47:  2 months until that is no longer the greatest game ever.  I'm so excited!!
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I took this screenshot a few months ago, after I got my new PC but before I got my new monitor (to explain the resolution).  It's a neat screenshot because DOSBOX is running Blood at full speed during this shot, Virtua Fighter 2 emulated full speed, a music video playing full speed, CSS running damn choppy and getting some glitches, but it's still running.  It was impressive to see in motion.

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World in Conflict:


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@Black_Rose: You're pretty good at Minesweeper.
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@HitmanAgent47: Oooh, How is Gears of War on the PC? I might give it a shot.
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@Black_Rose said:
well done 
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@Absurd: Its quite good, if you have vista, windows 7 to use directX10 where it would have different lighting. You get more levels compared to the console version, im fighting a brumack which I heard isnt in the console version. The game crashed a bit for me before, then I reinstalled it, then it worked. Alot of ppl might tell you it`s buggy and stuff since they had that problem, I say just reinstall it. Installation process takes forever, however when you play the game, it works very well with the mouse and keyboard for aiming. Also all the textures are in high resolution, its all been replaced for the pc version. Since I dont have a xbox360, I really enjoyed this game on the pc and I hope it doesnt crash for you. You can google the problem I suppose to be aware of it, its working well for me right now. Honestly if you have a high rez lcd monitor, or 1080p hdtv, the game will look fantastic.
I might as well post a few more gears of war screenshots.

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Lara croft



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