Problems installing a new graphics card

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Update-see my second post right below this one for my problem as it stands right now.
I recently purchased a new graphics card (XFX Radeon HD 4890) and a new power supply (Corsair V550X). I know basically nothing about the innerworkings of computers but I've been trying to set this up regardless. I'm replacing a Radeon HD 4350 and I'm having a bit of trouble which I'm hoping the PC wizards here at giant bomb can help me out with.
I first installed the power supply to make sure I could get it working on its own and that worked out fine.  However, I'm having problems with the 4890. My old 4350 did not take any power from the power supply so the only change outside of the card itself has been plugging two 6 pin connectors into the 4890. At first, my computer would not turn on after the switch and now it will turn on but nothing it displayed. Now the computer turns on, but a beeping noise is coming from the power supply.  It goes *beep* *beep* pause *beep* *beep* pause etc. I can also hear a loud fan (I'm assuming the 4890) spinning faster and faster until I turn off the computer.
As I said before, I know very little about computer hardware so there's no mistake you can assume I haven't made. Any advice on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.

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Alright, I'm now extremely worried. I took out the new 4890 and replaced it with the 4350 and I found that I was getting the exact same problem. I then took out the new power supply and plugged in the old one and the exact same thing is happening again. It's still two beeps and then a pause with a fan (presumably the power supply's) speeding up.  Any advice on troubleshooting this would be appreciated.

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What's your motherboard mate?

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Hmm, make sure you plug the power supply into the graphics card but I think you already said you did. Make sure you didnt miss plugging your power supply into anything. Fans, dvd drives, hard drives, motherboard , cpu.I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure the beeping is a powersupply issue usually when something that needs power isn't getting it. Sorry I can't be more help!

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The PSU isn't beeping Jon, the motherboard is.  By knowing what motherboard it is, I can work out what the 6 Beep error code means.

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 @SeriouslyNow:  I'm sorry, but I don't know what type of motherboard it is. Ironically, that data is saved on the computer that I'm having problems with.  It was the stock motherboard that came with this dell desktop. If you think it will help, I can search and see if it is saved somewhere else.

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What is the model for the computer?
Dell is notorious for needing a converter for PSUs.
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@Adanux:   Yeah.  No problems.  Which Desktop model is it?
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This may also help if it's a recent XPS model.
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Ah the peril's of working with a packaged out of the box PC.

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You should post this on a more tech focused site. I hear is pretty good.    : )
Also is freakin' awesome.

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