PSU Is Melting.

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So I smelled something burning and it was definitely my PSU. I turned off my computer immediately and haven't booted it up since. So now I'm on the road to replacing my PSU.

This is the old PSU:

I'm looking at this: The reviews for this that I've seen mention getting it DOA.

This one has more reviews:

These are both ATX size correct? I just want to make sure that this will fit in my case and that I have all the connections and cables that I need. Its modular so its all good right? Thanks for the help.

Also, is 850 watts enough for:

  • 560 TI
  • 8GB Ram
  • 2 HDD
  • 2500K CPU
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I'm running something similar with a 650W

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It's more than enough for your needs. I have 850 and have the same exact setup, but with a 570. It runs colder than my fridge, and it's overclocked. It's a corsair as well, though a different model.

The TX850W is not modular, by the way. I went for the non-modular one myself, because I was on a budget, I'm insanely good as hiding cables and it really doesn't make a big difference in the end,

Oh and if you DO go modular, don't think you can just up and use the same cables as the old PSU. Use the included cables always always.

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850 is plenty. People need to learn not to go cheep on their PSUs. They always seem to buy the cheapest chassis and cheapest PSUs they can, which is just crazy. The PSU is one of the most important pieces of the entire setup. Hell, even if a PSU doesn't outright die, poor performance from it can cause longevity issues for the lifespan of other components.

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