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Hey duders

I really need a new gaming rig, i don't need anything to extreme but something that can run most games right now. I'm a console gamer so i was thinking about using Steams big picture mode on my TV. Currently i have been looking at the Alienware X51 with an i7-3770 (3.4ghz quadcore), 8gb DDR3 and a GTX 660 1.5 gb. I like the size of the computer, since it's basically a console but with windows on it. Would you recommend this computer or should i look for another, size is a factor and i try to keep my power consumption low. But if you have any input i would really appreciate it :)

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Sounds good but man it's not too much longer until the next batch of consoles hits. It might not be a great investment to get something good and affordable when the PC ports for next-generation games are about to become significantly more demanding.

Personally I prefer building my own PCs rather than buying something from Alienware but those specs do look pretty good.

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You're buying it as a set piece already right? Do you have the link to it? That seems good enough to run most modern games today and GTX 660 supports DX11 so investing on that maybe a good start. The good thing about buying a PC rig already packaged is your warranty for it as a whole. So if anything goes wrong just send it back and they should get it fixed for you.

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If money is not an issue that Alienware sounds fine, since it's basically everything you said you wanted (small size, low power). Low noise and warranty are a plus too. Some parts of it might be a bit excessive for general gaming, though (which is why it's okay if money isn't an issue).

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I bought one (x51) on October, havent had any issues n runs all games on high n some on ultra..if u keep an eye on kotaku sales u can getit cheap, paid $1500 becuase of warranty butseen it on sale for $1k..also if u have a dell perfered account u can geta good deal

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For the price of that Alienware, you could build yourself a better computer that will outlast next-gen consoles. Just sayin' ;)

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Well, if you care to buy the pieces separately and build it yourself, it will be much cheaper. And building a PC is not a monster as it was in the past. That's my recommendation.

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Ok, just so you know, the downsides:

  • Paying a lot for Alienware logo
  • Due to small size case it's hard to upgrade in future
  • No SSD: Seriously, this helps a lot. For that money you should get one as it is a real performance boost
  • Not the best gaming for that price: Though the 660 is anything but bad, for that money you should get something better

If you're willing to increase the size of the case you can get yourself a much better PC for the same price. Now in the end you should decide for yourself what you is most important for you.

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Hey duders! Thx for all the answers, i think i'm going to buy it. Yes it's true that the new consoles are coming out pretty soon but i have always wanted to have a PC that was small yet powerfull enough to run most modern games, as well as all the indie games on Steam. And since i'm starting at DADIU later this year(The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment) i thought it would be great to have some more knowledge about PC gaming.

THX! :)

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