Random question. Any help would be awesome.

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Hey guys. I have a random question. I'm not sure if it's a stupid one or not but I guess there's no harm in asking...

I'm resetting my PC (I was on Windows 8 RP), and reading the description it's basically getting rid of everything and returning the PC to 'factory settings' (Right?... I hope).

The reason that I'm resetting it is because I have OCD and a program won't uninstall/disappear from the list in the control panel, but that's neither here nor there :)

I'm just wondering... the reset is taking a long time... it's been 6 or so hours and I'm up to 49%

My question... the fact that it's taking this long... It's not going to affect the computer's speed after the fact is it? Or is it supposed to take this long?

Cheers for any answers :)


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@Joeasis: depends, if its going trough terabytes of data ( or just a shit-tonne of small files on a mechanical drive ), its going to take a while.

I don't do resets though, I just wipe the OS drive and start over.

so I cant comment on the reset affecting your performance or not.

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