Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

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So when you watch this video, what does it make you think?

Obviously the $2800 price tag isn't something that I'd jump for joy over, and the fact that it isn't running the latest GTX Graphics Cards from NVidia kinda gets me on the edge about just how much this gaming laptop can put out. Still, the graphics card is not slacking, and with dual-core i7 processors, it's a beast with very little competition in it's class (really, I'd compare it to Alienware m17x and m18x)

One thing I don't know about is if it has an option for a Blu-Ray player. I don't think it does(correct me if anyone has heard anything). Doesn't mean it's less impressive without one, but in an era where Blu-Ray is taking over, and this gaming laptop is striving for next-gen performance and technology, lacking a Blu-Ray player hurts when you have a full 1080p display.

In my personal opinion, it's a great laptop. Razer really went out with how portable and lightweight this laptop is. It really defines the term "portable gaming" quite well. However, is that all that this is good for? Size and appearance? The specs on this computer are impressive, but you could build an even better desktop for less. It's obviously not portable, but hey, it's better than this AND you spent less money to build the computer. I think there are even some Asus gaming laptops out there that cost less than this and match the same specs.

The thing I do like about this laptop is the screen on the side where you can set macros. However, nothing that you can't do with a Razer Naga(in my opinion the best gaming mouse out there). The screen, in truth, makes me feel like I'm playing a giant DS, with extra buttons on top. It's nice, but not worth paying $2800 for.

Would I buy this? If I had $2800 to spare..... probably.... not. I mean, it's nice, but in reality, we all know you are paying almost $3000 for the name "Razer" being on the box. I'd rather go out and get me an Asus for less.

What do you think? Would you guys buy it?

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So video games.

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It's gorgeous but I'm not going to fork out whatever $2800 is in £ for a laptop which I'm never going to use for gaming anyway. I'd rather bring a handheld gaming console like the Vita and a smaller laptop if I'm out and about.

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Priced way too high. Regardless of my disposable income, this would be a stupid purchase for me.

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Regardless of price it's a first product of it's type for the company.

I highly advice against testing such thing on yourself. This is especially true for something as fickle and expensive as gaming laptops.

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Also it seems too middle of the road.

It's too expensive to compete with cheaper options of gaming laptops in the 1000-1500 range that can offer simmilar performance (like asus).

It's not high end enough for people who have money to throw at an Alienware imo.

Weight of a gaming laptop is inconsequential, you will never actually use one to play "on the move", that's not what they are designed for, neither in size, in battery life, weight, to actually play a game on a transport. Gaming laptops are there just to have a good gaming machine ou can take with you places and game in a stable environment when you get there (or for ease of moving it around the house). They are portable, expensive PCs.

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That's a lot of money, like, $3,000 kind of a lot.

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That is crazy expensive for what it can do. It may be a laptop, but still. In my opinion, get http://www.dell.com/us/p/alienware-x51/pd instead and a little screen for half the price and same capabilities because the only plausible situation I can think of is sitting in hotels while your on trips or something. Also, you could build a crazy 10 year futureproof pc for that much lol

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