Recommend me a gaming keyboard.

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At the moment I have a Logitech K320; I'm considering thinking about possibly getting something that's more attuned to gaming, whatever that may entail...

If it helps, I'm not someone that plays MMOs or RTSs (or any kind of multiplayer games for that matter)...

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Link Razer is usually my go to for this sort of thing, but it depends on your price range. I know my buddy has a logitech that has served him well though, and my usb kb from them has been nothing if not dependable.

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CoolerMaster's range of mechanical gaming keyboards are built well, come with a decent warranty, and are much more affordable than similar keyboards from Razer and Ducky.

Plus, mechanical keyboards (which ever brand you choose) last for year and years. Once you've tried a mechanical keyboard there's no going back. Trust me. ;)

PS. Here's a quick guide to the different switch types:

  • Cherry MX Blue = clicky, with a distinct "bump" - perfect for typing/gaming
  • Cherry MX Brown = less clicky, still has the bump - better if your roommates are dicks.
  • Cherry MX Reds/Blacks = no click, no bump - people prefer these for gaming

I personally use a CoolerMaster CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Pro with BLUE switches and LOVE IT! Was originally going to get a Duck Shine II but cancelled my order, switch to the CM one and have never looked back! ;D

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I just purchased the Logitech G710+ Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard. Its my first mechanical keyboard since the old IBM Model M (which is still one of the best keyboards ever made). As with all Logitech products, the G710+ is a solid piece of equipment. Its a good middle ground for gaming and typing.

But Regardless of what brand you choose.. mechanical keyboards are the only way to go.

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I use a Steelseries 6GV2 for both work and games. No frills and feels really solid.

I prefer the MX Blacks over everything else for both typing and mashing the wsad keys, I really suggest trying out the other key types listed in @pathos's post though if you take the mechanical route, as it's very much a personal preference thing.

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