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#1 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

I've seen people post up information on their computer rig, pictures of their desktop, and even what their Steam accounts look like. But, I think it's time to see what the place you call home looks like. Your desk. Take a picture of what your desk looks like. What kind of setup do you have? Is it a basic computer with some poor 15" CRT monitor or is it a beast carrying 4 32" HD LCD monitors? We all want to see. Hopefully this will be the official desk picture thread. 
I'll be the one to start. 

Just on a side note. Soon that monitor will be where the printer is at and I will put a 27" HDTV right in the middle.
#2 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8576 posts) -


#3 Posted by blitzkriegblizzard (196 posts) -

Stuff looks out of proportion cause this was taken from the iphone camera but thats a 22 inch monitor.  

#4 Posted by Hamst3r (4491 posts) -

Messin' around in After Effects right now:

#5 Edited by FalseDeity (229 posts) -

 Terrible phone cam dudes, sorry.
#6 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

My cat likes to lay down over there all the time.
#7 Posted by SwiftFire (75 posts) -
@Vager:  wooo you have the same case as me :) thumbs up!
#8 Posted by psyborg0815 (444 posts) -
@Vager: Mine likes to lay on the keyboard of the laptop :/

#9 Edited by FalseDeity (229 posts) -
@SwiftFire said:

" @Vager:  wooo you have the same case as me :) thumbs up! "

Heh, that reminded me that I completely shrouded my tower, so here's a shot of that. And yeah, I gotta clean up the place. Also, it appears I have the same monitor as blitzkriegblizzard, though it's my secondary and it's old and dying unfortunately.

#10 Posted by Wunder_ (1170 posts) -
The home of a Malaysian living in Singapore! :3
#11 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (900 posts) -

Well, my desk is a gorram mess, but I got a few cool things on it, so... why not? 

So, from left to right: Finger drums (barely visible), picture of girlfriend (who sits right next to me on her own desk), pen holder thingy with pens and a powerful green laser, Sonic Screwdriver (tenth Doctor edition), 1T external harddrive, speakers, bowl with a lot of stuff in it that sits on top of a 300Gb external harddrive, a way to small screen, mess in another bowl, regular solved rubiks cube, some Deadwood poker chips, a unsolved V-Cube 7 ( I solved it, then messed it up to solve it again), a monkey hiding behind some Deadwood playing cards, more speakers. 
In front: A neat notebook, Champions Online game, a pocketwatch and my Watchmen cardholder. A skull and some tools, my keyboard, a lego caveman and lots of post-its on what I need in order to build good ships in Shores of Hazeron, my computer mouse. 
Yeah, that's about it... Usually my desk is even more cluttered though. 
#12 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -
@Hamst3r: Dude, that casing looks bad ass. How much did it cost you and where did you get it, because I'm looking for one myself.
#13 Posted by ricetopher (1046 posts) -

This thread needs more ghetto desks...

#14 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

I'll apologise in advance because :- 
A) I operate from 2 desks side by side, so will have a couple of pics up because my iphone camera is wank 
B) my desks are a god damn state - literally a mess, anyone worried about cable arrangement? dont be! I have four 6 socket extensions plugged into each-other! 
So -heres them both together 

Then theres the desk i actually sit at, got my pc monitor, ps3 and a ton of crap (guitar, polos, Starcraft 2 build order notes xD) 

Then there's my table desk which houses my plasma tv, surround sound, 360 and is my sit at desk when playing street fighter 4! also houses a billion cables! 

Sorry for the ghetto ass mess :3
#15 Posted by ColinWright (741 posts) -

Oh shit, I totally misread the title. I need to stay away from /b/

#16 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

How can you guys deal with such a mess? My room is so boring, I'll take a picture soon.

#17 Posted by Franstone (1124 posts) -




#18 Posted by Hero_Swe (1152 posts) -

Damn! Nice desk Franstone. That a logitech joystick? what model and is it doing well?
#19 Edited by Franstone (1124 posts) -

Yea, Logitech Force 3D Pro... It gets the job done. 
As you can see I've got plenty to work w/ so I haven't over-used it, we'll see how long it lasts.   : )
I mostly use it for rudder control or helis in MS Flight Sim but haven't played in a while. 
I've got a bunch or Logitech stuff though, pretty happy w/ all of it.

#20 Posted by Aronman789 (2676 posts) -

Here, though you can't really call it a desk, barely space for my keyboard:

the lack of space is why i buy almost all my games from steam, and my room is tiny, i took this picture from my bed.
#21 Posted by plop1920 (449 posts) -

Taken from my phone so bad quality
#22 Posted by Chandu83 (222 posts) -
@Aronman789: do you manage to sit there without no leg room. Won't your back hurt?
#23 Posted by Aronman789 (2676 posts) -
@Chandu83: the wall is right behind my chair, so i turn it around and rest my back on the wall, use the tower as a leg rest
#24 Edited by Chandu83 (222 posts) -
@Aronman789:  Interesting. My computer is in the living room, so space is not an issue for me. 

#25 Posted by Djeffers03 (2545 posts) -

Seeing as I use a macbook pro and use it on my lap I have no desktop to speak of. Anyone have a link to the Post your setup thread? I can't find it.

#26 Posted by adoggz (2069 posts) -

Its a bit messy right now because I should be doing schoolwork.


#27 Posted by MikkaQ (10294 posts) -

Here's the clutter-iffic mess I call home: 

Left to right: NAD Preamp, CD Player, NAD Power amp, Stack o' games, Record player, Macbook, Dreamcast, Cup, Speaker, European portable DVD player (for all my region 2 DVDs), TV, controllers, another speaker, another stack 'o games, PS3, 360, more games, HD-DVD drive, Wii, TV, VHS, Betamax.  
I've got a lot of abandoned tech here, all I need is some laserdiscs, and if I could find my Mini-disk player, I'd be complete. 
#28 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -
#29 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

I noticed that most of the people here have their consoles on their desks also. Are you guys using HDTV's as a monitor or did you guys find a way to hook it up to your PC monitor?

#30 Posted by AlisterCat (5586 posts) -

You guys are so messy... I can't look.

#31 Posted by Djeffers03 (2545 posts) -
@ch13696: Thanks for trying to help but I was talking about a popular thread I saw a while back where you posted a picture of your living room setup, like this but with your TV instead. 
I really don't like the forum search feature, it never seems to work.
#32 Posted by ectoplasma (979 posts) -
@XII_Sniper: Yeah finally an honest picture *thumbs*
#33 Posted by HydraHam (1338 posts) -

I would show a desk but i don't have a gaming PC, i have a gaming laptop that sits on a laptop stand like this

#34 Posted by Chandu83 (222 posts) -
@XII_Sniper:  that room definitely needs some cleaning! honest picture though.
#35 Posted by Hamst3r (4491 posts) -
@ch13696 said:
" @Hamst3r: Dude, that casing looks bad ass. How much did it cost you and where did you get it, because I'm looking for one myself. "

It's an xclio A380. I got it on either Amazon or NewEgg. it was under $100.
#36 Posted by rflx (576 posts) -

  Tuborg. Makes any desk complete.
#37 Edited by zombie2011 (4973 posts) -

I don't have a desk i use my lap. I also do walk around my house naked, and i have a macbook so i thought this pic was appropriate.
#38 Posted by Chandu83 (222 posts) -
@rflx: Dude...very sweet setup
#39 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -
@rflx said:
  Tuborg. Makes any desk complete. "
It's so beautiful. Why does the pic look so professionally made?
#40 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -

just moved in!
#41 Posted by Vinny_Says (5710 posts) -
@Aronman789: how do you open that closet?
#42 Posted by commandercup (500 posts) -

Man, I love my current desk setup and the huge whiteboard on the wall. I've been through so many configurations and desks, but my current setup is my favorite by far.

 Oooh a panorama!
#43 Posted by rflx (576 posts) -
@ch13696 said:
" @rflx said:
  Tuborg. Makes any desk complete. "
It's so beautiful. Why does the pic look so professionally made? "
Hah. Well, when I took the photo it was super yellow, so I just purdy'ed it up a bit on Photoshop. Nothing fancy.
#44 Posted by Hourai (2795 posts) -

#45 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1490 posts) -


I know what your thinking. I also think that Band of Brothers case is badass.
#46 Posted by MrCandleguy (822 posts) -

Here is mine, 42inch plasma TV, my little sister is playing Red Dead

 The green bottle is a Lift Plus, and it tastes great.
#47 Posted by Black_Raven (1759 posts) -
@wh4tshisface said:
" Oh shit, I totally misread the title. I need to stay away from /b/ "
Lucky you realised so you could cancel the upload eh? lol.
#48 Posted by Diamond (8634 posts) -

OH!  This video works here too.  (actually I meant to post it here but saw another post)

#49 Posted by Jadeskye (4367 posts) -

#50 Posted by raiz265 (2239 posts) -

After a couple of days of Starcraft 2 and WoW... (Pizza and Guinness, yay!)

After I got bored and cleaned it up... 

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