singularity + 360 controller = frame drop?

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help me with this problem

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i bought logitech's F510 controller and it is working great, but in this game, when i try to press buttons it comes with huge frame drop and game pauses for a sec or two and then its like nothing happened. I can move normally, but can't shoot, or reload or anything, because it pauses the game for awhile. Sorry my english, but please help me ! :P

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I don't know exactly whats happening but there could be a random process or application acting up during the button press. If you can have task manager running to see your cpu and ram percentages. That would prove that something is acting up. It could also be the driver too so you might uninstall and reinstall the controller driver and see if that fixes it. I've had similar quirks with other things and it really ruins the gaming experience.

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