SLI : Two Different Vendors

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Nope, shouldn't be any problems. If there are any problems then they are related to these specific cards.

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@lacke: so cards specs wise it should be ok?

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If this is your first time running SLI you should know that the SLI bridge can cause graphic glitches. It's an easy fix however, all you have to do is adjust it. You can even do it while your PC is running.

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Reading Nvidia's current SLI description it sounds like the only limiting factor between two cards would be memory. The system will go with the card with the least memory, but they're the same card.

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you can sli 2 completely vender cards from ati or nvidia it doesn't matter so long as the clock speeds and memory are the same... if they are both the stock speed GTX 580s you will be fine no worries

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if you have any issues then it would be mismatched gpu/ram speeds , which can be fixed with 3rd party apps so you should be ok.. but @VACkillers: huh ? sli with ati and nvidia cards ? what is this crazyness , i hope you just meant that both sli and crossfire work with non identical cards

also get ready for way more HEAT!

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the cards are running at slightly different clock frequency's. ( just read the specs in the links )

i'd think the drivers would just slow the faster card down a bit and make that work however.

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Best of luck with Overclockers, if you're lucky they might not fuck you over.

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Why would you not ask this before you ordered the card?

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yes sorry that was what i meant, that 2 different venders work with both ATI and Nvidia envane, sorry for the confusion there i was in a rush and missed out the word crossfire earlier...

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I have 2 8800gts'eseses, and they are of two different vendors and clock speeds. They work at the lower one's clock and perform fine.

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Technically using two cards with the same chipset in SLI is possible but nvida doesn't guarantee smooth operation. I would suspect as long as both cards have the same memory size and clock speed then it should work fine. I've only ever used 2 of the exact same card in SLI.

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