So far Windows 8 is selling pretty much like Windows 7 did

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I havent upgraded to windows 8 yet, not because i dont like it, or that i'm against it on some sort of weird nerdy stand. It's just that well, theres absolutely no real major reason for me to upgrade, not yet at least.

You should have at least bought it when it was between $15 and $30. I didn't really have any reason to want to use it yet either but I got my hands on a copy for $15. That makes it a lot easier to swallow than $150 or whatever the fuck those dumb ass operating systems sell for these days.

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I just want my damn start button back. Oh, Microsoft. No one used it you say? Fuck you and your numbers! I want my start button with my Windows! Yeah sure, there's "easy" ways to get it back but I shouldn't have to go out of my way for it. I want my start button stock, motherfuckers.

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@humanity said:

@rebgav said:

It's a glitchy, ugly, pointless monstrosity.

It's absolutely fine. You may be exaggerating a bit. It's slightly transparent window borders, hardly a monstrosity. The original Windows XP theme was much more abrasive. Of course these are all comments aimed at a reasonable human being and not a crazy person.

I'm sure that the Glass theme is lovely if you're into kitchy, gaudy aesthetics but the partial transparency serves no function beyond making the whitespace in your window a blurry mess. Peek, if I'm not mistaken, lets you see preview thumbnails which you can't interact with and can make all open windows transparent so that you can check (but not interact with) your desktop in case you are suspicious about what your wallpaper is getting up to while you're not looking. Flip lets you see more non-interactive previews instead of icons. Flip 3D renders those previews as a cascade! Shake! Everyone uses Aero Shake all the time, I bet, for those instances in which you need to minimize or reinstate every open window that you aren't looking at. Great usability functions which are totally worth the overhead and the occasional hang or crash from explorer?

Snap is good though. Snap is legit. It's also not reliant on Aero anymore. Yay!

Still, different folk have different tastes and opinions. You're welcome to yours. I'm probably not the target audience for "features" which make Windows uglier, slower and less stable.

Edit: Though I am in the market for snappy conclusion dialog which sounds a bit less condescending :p

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