SSD AHCI and IDE mode help

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Just bought a toshiba SSD 128GB drive and installed windows on it in IDE SATA mode as I didn't know you needed to install an SSD in AHCI mode in order to get the SSD to run at its native speeds. I of course then got the blue screen on bootup when I changed it, but I have been successful in using microsofts quickfix utility driver for AHCI mode and windows has been running fine since and I'll post a couple screenshots of some tests I've done as well. My problem however, is that almost every forum I've gone to about AHCI mode have pretty much stated I need to reinstall windows 7, the registry hack so to speak from the MS quick-fix has worked but I did run into issues where I had to re-install DX11 / Nvidia Drivers because I had a "can't connect to nvidia" error box everytime I clicked on to open the Nvidia Experience program, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package in order for some of the games to actually work, b4 they wouldn't even load to their splash screen, was a CTD without error. Should I still reinstall windows 7? or is it okay now? because I haven't run into any other problems since, and games are loading just fine now but I don't know if windows is still running on IDE speed. It seems newly installed software are faster then my older stuff I had on here before I changed to AHCI mode.

Sorry for the complexity of the issue and thanks for any advice from you SSD owners.

I'm thinking its running right... but not sure... first time I've ever used an SSD

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There isn't any need to re-install the OS, once the AHCI flag has been changed under registry the machine isn't any different to one that was installed with AHCI running initially during setup. I'm actually surprised you're only turning on AHCI now, that's been the default SATA controller interface for most motherboards since UEFI took off.

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I had no idea. I only just built a brand new machine at christmas this is actually my first time using a UEFI motherboad actually and it seems so odd using a mouse on a BIOS screen lol... I just didn't know if it would make any difference or not, I was about to then I saw the 7.9 for my Harddrive score where in IDE SATA it was 7.5 so something had definitely changed for the better. Thanks Korwin.

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