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Anybody wish that along with putting out big picture mode, valve takes the new interface style (just the visual style) and applies it to the standard PC version? The difference between the two is so jarring now, its reinforcing the fact that the classic style looking outdated and shitty.  
As for big pic mode, I think its fantastic, for being in beta anyway, miles ahead of any xbox menu. 

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Nope. That sort of thinking is what got the Xbox 360 dashboard fucked up.

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I said visual style only, not functionality. Sigh 
Anyway if they dont do it someone on deviantart probably will make a skin

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I'm not sure how you would change the look of the store without inherently changing the way you interact with it.

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It ain't broke, don't fix it.

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As much as I love Steam, it drives me nuts seeing how little has been put into improving the Steam client itself. While them finally adding volume sliders to videos has been the biggest fix for a long time pet peeve of mine, I wish they would show the client some more attention. It seems like everything they have added to it over the years has not been a single thing that I use. The biggest one off the top of my head is for them to add tab browsing on the store page as it's a nightmare to navigate through during sales or unless you go in with buying a single game in mind.

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@warxsnake said:

@Dtat said:

I'm not sure how you would change the look of the store without inherently changing the way you interact with it.

Some examples here

That's just re-skinning what's already here not changing the way the application functions and displays information. Redesigning the UI is a lot more work then uploading furry .jpg's in a resolution to replace header/footer graphics.

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I dont get it. If you like big picture mode, use that, if not, then don't. Whats wrong with choice?

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