Steam-trade: Half-Life 1 Platinum Pack for KOTOR 1

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So, with the Star Wars vidya game sale today, I noticed KOTOR1 was fairly cheap. But I'm too poor at the moment to buy it, so I was wondering if someone wanted to set up a trade over steam.

I have a completely legitimate copy of Half-Life: Generation, and am willing to trade the CD-Key on the case for KOTOR1 over Steam.

The CD-Key will give you the Half-Life 1 Platinum Pack (all the expansions and the main game of HL1, Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike 1.6, etc.)

Please message me or post your Steam ID, on here if anyone is interested.

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I don't think the CD key for the platinum pack will work in Steam.

EDIT: Well, nevermind.

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@believer258: It certainly does.

Although, I'll give the person interested in trading the CD-Key first. As I don't have much to lose in this deal, we better make sure it actually works!

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Yep, that's the right game, the original.

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@mixwizzard: I'm in the process of gifting it right now, if you want to PM your email address.

I bought the Half Life Platinum Pack (HL, BS, OP, CS, TFC) a few years ago, and I know I'll never actually play DOD or Ricochet, so feel free to toss those into one of the Official Giveaway Threads if you like.

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@mlarrabee: I sent you a PM with my steam email, many thanks!

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