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I know some people are getting a little tired of the Roguelike being in so many smaller games these days. It seems like perma-death has come back in a big way for some reason. But I was wondering if other people in the community couldn't get enough of them. Because I'm on the side of the Roguelike.

It's a fun system if you're just trying to see how far you can go and how skilled you can get while trying to go get there. The deaths on the way make it so much sweeter when you get the next big power-up or sweet-ass gear; and hey, it's pretty fuckin' fun.

So, there's a game called "Legend of Dungeon" that needs to get some more publicity. A friend of mine told me about this game the other day and we played a little of it, and I just want more people to take a look at it, because it's got some pretty cool mechanics.

It's on PC and it was made by a real tiny team of just a husband and wife. And I was reading a little on them and it turns out they lived in a treehouse for a while to pay for their games.It's a really sweet roguelike that looks kind of pixelish but has nice lighting effects and randomly generated dungeons. To progress to the next level, you just have to go from room to room to find the stairs while killing enemies and finding loot along the way. As you kill said enemies, you get experience and level up.

The real fun is playing local co-op with friends because it feels kind of like the old Beat-em-ups like "River City Rampage" with some JRPG stuff like Final Fantasy II. Anyway, everyone should play it and support the developers (Robot Loves Kitty) and play it with your friends. It gets a little hectic but it's just fun! It's Greenlit, so get it on Steam or whatevah!

Legend of Dungeon

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