Suggestions for containers to keep extra PC parts

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I need to ask for some suggestions from you, wonderful duders, on good container/s to keep my extra PC parts and tools. I'm currently using the old box that housed my case and I want to transfer it to another big, proper (possibly plastic) container.

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I normally just use a big freezer bag and keep it in my closet for extra parts and cables.

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I use a small plastic bin that I got for 5 bucks from Zellers (RIP Zellers)

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I use the power of my digital locker® and the cell processor™ to unlock new potential in my old, discarded components in the future.

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If you have a local PC repair place in your area hit them up for some Anti static Dissipation (ASD) bags and some plastic cpu/ram holders; they will give you them for free in most cases if you ask nice. Then just put everything in a Rubbermaid bin or anything you want.

I have the parts of 20 computers in my apartment. I put everything I'm 'keeping' or is useful in ASD bags. (All my scrap is just in a box with mobos, daubos, hdds ram, and cpus all in different areas of a cardbaord box...or common ziplock bags. )

Know how they say BE CAREFUL you could bend the pins on a CPU or only touch the sides of this or that? [Ahhhh!!] Let me tell you bending those CPU pins is pretty hard unless you drop it on the floor or do something really dumb like try to put it in upside down while trying to latch it closed. And, RAM and other bits should be clean...but not weirdly psycho clean.

Sure, a nice CPU should get in a nice plastic holder, and wrapping good ram in an anti-static bag is wise...but you can get that sort of stuff for free from a computer repair place if you ask.

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