Super slow pc, Help?

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Hey you'sI had a power outage a couple of day ago and now my PC is doing everything in super slow motion, even the uefi bios is super laggy and slow. What do you 's think is wrong? I've tried disconnecting everything but the POST and bios is still SLLLLOOOOWWW. I've also tested the memory and it seems fine, the voltages also look fine. But can the PSU be damaged even if the voltages look correct? I'm thinking the motherboard is fried but hell if i know.

I would appreciate any good suggestions!

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the PSU could be damaged... might be more of a harddrive issue though... very difficult to tell really, you could try plugging the harddrive into a different sata port see if that makes any difference?

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CPU might be the issue as well. Also check if your CPU cooler is working. Maybe it's broken now and the CPU is just getting fried every time you turn on your PC.

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The uefi bios is really slow even without any harddrives connected so im thinking psu, ram or cpu. My cooler is working, thats one of my problems everything works and operates at regular temperatures but it moving at 20% speed. I just don't have any more diagnostics i can think of... I tried running the windows preformance index thing just as a quick way of seeing if anything stood out but it actually gave me a higher score...

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You can get into bios without even having a hard drive plugged in.

So an easy way for you to find out if it is the hard drive or not would be to disconnect it and then check if the UEFI is still slow.

Edit: oh snap, you'd already tried that.

Well a power supply making a computer slow is nothing i've experienced, what usually happens when a psu busted is that it will just crash or shut the computer of randomly, or under stress.

If you want to test ram, download memtest and run it.

do you have any means of filming this behaviour and putting it on youtube or similar?

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Sounds like the CPU to me, but I am not an expert.

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When i shot the video Windows was pretty snappy and ok but this varies alot, usually it laggs when i open/close windows or just from scrolling.

But you can easily see in bios it laggs horribly and the startup is WAY slow, i am running a ssd and it only 10 months old so i should boot in well under 1 minute.

I have tried memtest and other memory tests but not overly long.

@daveyo520: Do you know of any way to diagnose a faulty CPU?

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i've heard on numerous occasions that a damaged power supply will cause all sorts of weird, glitchy problems- so my guess is either that, or the mobo.

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@mellotronrules: But if the psu is damaged do you think i would see any weirdness in the voltages? Because i dont...

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@mint_kjell_olav: i'm not sure, to be honest. the only PSU issues i've ever had was one that straight up burnt out- wouldn't switch on, and i could actually smell the ozone. and i lived in a basement once with dodgy power that would actually cause the start up mobo cpu fan alarm to sound (because it took an extra 2-3 seconds for the fan to spin up).

but it sounds like a power issue- either the PSU or the mobo might not be regulating correctly. i'd do a google search for some testing methodology. or if you haven't run a memtest for the full duration, try that.

edit: also- have you tried clearing the CMOS?

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@mellotronrules:I have had a similar experience with a burnt out one. I just remembered i have the PSU from my old machine, so im gonna try that one.

I have clear'd cmos and updated bios.

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@mellotronrules: Tried my other PSU but the PC acted the same way "slllooowww" :-( so probably not the problem... Testing the memory again now but im thinking mobo :-/

I just don't think the CPU is damaged but thats more of a feeling then anything else...

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@mint_kjell_olav:you could run prime95 to check the cpu, althought it's rare to bust up a cpu in such a way that it still works but is just slow as hell.

What i notice in your new video compared to your old one is that you dont have a dedicated graphics card in the computer at all.You might need to address extra memory to intels integrated chip in the bios if you are running of that now.

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power surge fried the board?

you could try making a new partition with a clean install and see if it's still slow

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@mint_kjell_olav: yeah- if the other PSU produced the same result, it might be in fact the mobo. and like @Devildoll said- it's unlikely the cpu as those often either boot or they don't- i don't think i've ever heard of a damaged cpu that partially functioned.

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@devildoll: I have tried Prime95 and it works like a charm. I took out the graphics card to rule it out as the problem, it did'nt help.

@mars_cleric:Its as slow even without harddrives...

I have now been running memtest86+ for 5 hours and some error are beginning to show up. Could it be as simple as bad memory?

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Sounds like your PSU didn't cut off and so didn't stop the damage to the inards of the PC.

But likely to be atleast the CPU and or motherboard.

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@mellotronrules said:

@mint_kjell_olav: yeah- if the other PSU produced the same result, it might be in fact the mobo. and like @Devildoll said- it's unlikely the cpu as those often either boot or they don't- i don't think i've ever heard of a damaged cpu that partially functioned.

I have my CPU fan failed but reached 100 degree+ before auto turning off. It still ran but no where near the speeds it should of. I was just amazed it survived at all.

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One of my ram sticks got errors almost immediately i'm testing the other one now but so far no errors(after 1 hour). But i have tried using both sticks alone in the system and checked if the overall system performance normalized but it didn't. So i'm hoping to get errors on the one i am testing now too since then it's possible ram is my only problem but if the ram is fine then something else is wrong :-( and i'm hoping @Dauthi693 is wrong cus that would suck...

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yeah well that's not cause the cpu is broke, that's cause it is throttling from being too hot.

And yeah they can go through a real ordeal without taking a hit.

I built a system for one of my less knowledgeable pals one summer, then he crashed while talking in mumble during the autum, but i didnt think much about it.

Three weeks later we played a game of starcraft 1, he just jumped out, and then he came back in after a bit, i asked him where he went and he said he crashed, he didnt think it was stange or anything.

I told him to check his temps, and the cpu ( i7 920 ) was idling at 100c!

so i told him to clean his computer, he basically had a dust carpet under the cpu fan, before the cpu heat sink, so the fan just didn't transfer any air to the heat sink.

And it had been behaving like that for three entire weeks, so his computer was idling at 100c for that whole time.

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The retailer i bought the parts from were anything but helpful, and just asked me to send in a request for reclamation. So i think im just going to send in motherboard, cpu, psu, ram and the graphics card so they can test it all. If there has been a power surge its impossible for me to tell if there is any damage to the different parts so im putting the testing responsibility on them instead ;-) It will cost a little maybe but at least then i should be done with the whole situation.

Thanks for all the help!

@devildoll: @dauthi693: @mellotronrules: @mars_cleric: @daveyo520: @vackillers: @andorski:

I'll make a post here when/if i get an answer on what was wrong!

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@devildoll: @dauthi693: @mellotronrules: @mars_cleric: @daveyo520: @vackillers: @andorski:

Hey, sorry it took me so long but this is my story...

My retailer tested my components and gave me a new PSU and MB. GPU, RAM and CPU tested ok, they used passmark for 30 min. I'm no expert but that does not sound sufficient for testing ram but it seems fine. But when i finally got my components back(took to long! 3 weeks) and i assembled everything(bought a new gpu btw :-) ) and turned it on SAME FUCKING PROBLEM... I was so close to stroking out you wouldn't believe it! So once again i started disassembling all unnecessary hardware incl my new gpu and i also got some more ram. But no nothing helped, then while i was messing around in my slow mo uefi bios i pulled out my mouse transmitter radio usb thing(which i have almost never used because the battery sucks so bad i keep it wired (Logitech G700)) and instantly the computer speeds up to normal speed! Put the thing back in and its like syrup. Maybe that was the problem all along because i never removed it before, its tiny and i just didn't think to do that. I have had similar issues before with my classic iPod, if its connected to my pc while in a "hung up" state that can keep my computer from booting(at least my old computer don't remember if i have tried it on this one).

But I finally have my computer back in action better than ever, thanks again for suggestions.

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