switchable graphics for an HP problem.

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hi my friend has this lap top. for the last few days we have been having a problem getting games an applications to use only the 6770m and ignore the Intel integrated chip set. i need to know if its possible or where to go to make Windows see the 6770m as the default graphics card and not the Intel. i should note we have already been into BIOS and changed switchable graphics from Dynamic to FIXED mode. and im going to do a double check later but im pretty sure we have all the power management settings for the lap top set to full.  
Thanks guys this has been driving me crazy for the last few days. 

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You could try disabling the intel card in the device manager.

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@Kidavenger said:

You could try disabling the intel card in the device manager.

makes the screen go black because the Intel is the default card. after reboot it just re enables it any way. 
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restart your pc, and when you see the hp logo press escape, the go to bios options then change switchable graphic card to fixed.

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