The Cheap/Free PC game Thread!

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More and more F2P games are getting put on Steam. Tribes: Ascend is on there, APB: Reloaded, Vindictus, Star Trek Online, Dungeon Fighter Online, and more.

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Didn't read the rest of the thread, but I've been playing a lot of World Of Tanks lately and it's pretty fun.

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if you want a scary game get slender its 100% free

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This Thread is great...being a full time is tight but thanks to steam I very rarely have to drop full price on anything these days...and free games are always great.

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blacklight retribution is loads of fun !!!

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remnant knights for my mmorpg fix and minecraft when I just want to unwind

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There's a whole range of Free Games available on Steam. There's a full list on the main forums here.

You can also get GTA 1 & 2 for Free too

Also this little gem too, where you can get any game on Steam free. You can also request games from with this. The downsite of it is, it does require some work in order to get the games, but the work is pretty menial often just being a case of copy and pasting. It does work though and you can check their forums for more users experiences.

Finally this list on techradar has some awesome picks. Some of these games may look old in terms of graphics, but gameplay far excels and speaks to your soul more ;D

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Thanks, picked up the free download of Portal 2 and the HL2 add ons.

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The original free version is at the very bottom of the page and if you like that the new version, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, has just been released on Steam.

Anyone played this before?

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I'll go ahead and shamelessly plug my own game, Paranormal. It's a 3D haunting experience inspired by the Paranormal Activity movies, found-footage style films. It's randomized, so every playthrough is different. It's $10 on Desura. Also has a Steam Greenlight and Giantbomb page.


Steam Greenlight


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things i've found that are decent and free are :

against the wall (only in alpha)

League of legends (althought the community can be dicks)

track mania forever

trilby: the art of theft

a flipping good time

a lot of these are pretty short games but they're pretty fun.

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Slashie made some fantastic Roguelikes. The MegaMan and Metroid ones are pretty good, but the Castlevania Roguelike is probably the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

Edit: Welp, that is his new site, but it only links to the old one. Here's a download link for the newest version of CastlevaniaRL

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@Stika said:

The Silver Lining if you're into Point' n click adventure games

it's a free to play fan-sequel of King's quest

Woah, that actually got finished? I remember following that project when it first started!

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Some cheap game on PC: FTL: Faster Than Light Dungeon of Dredmor For FPS you should try Planetside 2 or Blacklight Retribution

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try out Hotline Miami, get it off of GOG for 10 bucks, it has a kickin soundtrack and is very entertaining.

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Greenmangaming going all out, with Bioshock Infinates pre-purchase you get Bioshock and optional game for free!


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For you mmorpg players out there, Tera went F2P in february.

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Was it Tera with the skimpy dressed young girls in it?

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This youtube channel gives away a lot of codes for Steam games they review, the videos are very good so I don't feel bad recommending them here, just don't watch the old stuff because the skits they used to do were something awful.

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Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2 can be found for free over at Rockstar.

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That massive amazon sale has started. This is what I'll get:

Dark Souls for $7.5

Batman Arkham GOTY for $11.49

Sega Fun Pack for $9.99

What's will be yours?

Here's the complete list of games:

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An MMO I used to enjoy a lot, Rift, is going F2P next month and from what the producer said they are not locking a lot behind pay walls. Only useful things like slightly more inventory and bank slots and stuff like that. I would've kept playing that game in 2011 if it weren't so expensive and I wasn't in between jobs, but I'm definitely getting back in!

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I reccomend Team Fortress 2, Fortress Forever, Tribes:Ascend, Tribes 2, Warsow, Xonotic(or Nexuiz Classic) and Quake Live.

I also reccomend the fangame Super Mario bros x for lovers of the older super mario bros games.

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For those who own the base game of Battlefield 3 but not the expansion Close Quarters, Origin is having a promotion up till June 19th where you can get it for free by redeeming the code "BF3E3".

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@mctaters: thanks for the tip. Granted, too bad they gave us the most hated dlc for the game but I dont want to sound to ungrateful for free content.

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Borderlands 2 + Season Pass + Borderlands 1 GOTY edition for $22

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Mass Effect 3 is $6 on Origin

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Hey guys,

Bit of a shill post but it seemed appropriate for this thread?

I made a little 48hr game for Ludum Dare 27 a few days ago. You might enjoy it for 5-10 minutes. Would love to hear any feedback on the game.


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Really neat. I liked the hybrid turn-based/real time thing where the clock is the most immediate threat but poor split-second judgement can mean unnecessary damage if your path takes you through robots. Those split-second decisions are, I think, what made ROBOT PLANET compelling (for ten minutes, at least :P). Every step or pause carried a lot of weight since the objectives (health, oxygen, avoiding robots, getting to the exit) kept changing priority.

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