The Cheap/Free PC game Thread!

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War Thunder is dope as shit.

Name is Fattony12000 on there.

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Card Hunter is a free to play card collecting game.

I was part of their beta and I can vouch for the awesomeness of this game. If more sources is needed then Gamespot gave it 8/10 and it currently sits at a Metacritic rating of 83.

Its really fun and their payment model is not evil. F2P done right!

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are casual games for PC under consideration here? if yes, I'd suggest som indie games like The Lost Island and The Cursed land. They're made on unity3d, they're a bit creepy, but still a good job of an indie developer. Could be found on several casual gaming sites at once.

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humble bundle has good pc games every so often and it all goes to charity! (or the devs and humble bundle guys if you like) i got like 40% of my steam library on hb

#256 Posted by Kidavenger (3641 posts) - It's a new "bundle site" with a twist, the bundle is free, but it's a bundle of steam discount codes, it's worth mentioning because the discounts are decent 40%-60% and they are all really good indie type games

Also, stupid url, good site, thank for that one, p.s. it's a great fan podcast.

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I was wondering where we should post about this :-) Should there be a separate thread for all the Nov/Dec 2013 big sales?

Some of the Firaxis and Rockstar bundles look good to me... I want to get Saints Row The Third, not sure if I should get the full DLC bundle or just the game. Can I turn off the DLC if I don't like it?

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I want to get Saints Row The Third, not sure if I should get the full DLC bundle or just the game. Can I turn off the DLC if I don't like it?

I don't think you can turn off the DLC per say but you can just straight up avoid interacting with any of it, don't have to wear the clothes, don't have to use the guns or drive the vehicles, don't have to play/finish the dlc missions, all expect for one at the very end buuuut if you rush through it it's over in a few minutes.

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Hi, all! I`ve found huge collection of PC games here: Download-Genius

What do you think about it?

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Hey guys , there's new weekly sale @

The elder scrolls online29,99€
Sim City 19,99€
World of Warcraft battlechest 8,99€
Sims 37,99€
Sims 3 Pets9,99€
Starcraft battlechest1,99€
Diablo 23,49€
Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction3,49€

and more!

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Games are getting pretty cheap on Origin. Burnout Paradise is 6 euros while on Steam it's 15. Also be sure to check Steam Sales. If you're into a MMORPG i recommend TERA Rising (tho you need to have about 50GB of HDD space).

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You know what's a great game? Dotes.

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@ TS: Why not try games online? Those are usually free and all you have to do is download them. Here's my list at the moment:

•Ragnarok Online


•Ran Online

•Granado Espada

•Eclipse War Online

•RF Online


Give them a try and see what rocks your boat.

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Sleeping dogs is $4 on steam right now. Bargain in my opinion

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Given that this thread has turned into a bit of a spambot magnet, and considering it's about four years old and hasn't had a meaningful post in 1-2 months, I'm going to lock this down for the time being.


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