The games i play and played - my favorite ones

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Some good ones in there :D

Been a long time since I last played OGame though.

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Interesting, you should make a proper GiantBomb List with your favourite games

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We do have a list function. You could just toss that in there.

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You could also add my list if you want:


1. The Elder Scroll Online--release date is April 4, 2014

2. Black Desert--release date says 2014

3. Blade & Soul--release date says 2014

4. Bless--release date says 2014

5. The Crew--release date says 2014

6. Ever Quest Next--release date says 2014

7. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms--release date says 2014

8. Lineage Eternal--release date says 2014

9. Monster Hunter Online--release date says 2014

10. Phantasy Star Online 2--release date says 2014

11. World of Warships--release date says 2014

12. Eclipse War Online--release date says 2014

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in my list there are also in addition what you have there :

Chrono trigger

Chrono cross

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Starcraft series, nice one:D

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