The Officially Unofficial List Of PC Games With Benchmark Tools

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 The results of running the Just Cause 2 Benchmark on my PC.
One of the first things we all do when we get a new PC, or upgrade a component, is to fire up a game and see how it handles compared to before the big upgrade. While it's fine and dandy to just play a game and see if it "feels" different, but sometimes it's just more satisfying to get hard numbers so you know exactly how much of a performance boost that upgrade made for you. Now you're probably saying to yourself right now "Why Crusader8463, that IS a wonderful thing that I would like to do! Too bad there is no way for me to do such an amazing thing. I guess life just isn't worth living anymore..." Wow there Captain Happy Pants! Take that noose from around your neck, because there is a way for you to do just that! It's called Benchmarking!
What is Benchmarking you ask? Benchmarking is when a game or program runs through a simulation of what will most likely be the most graphically demanding parts of a game, and records your computers performance during that scene. Once it is done, it will usually display to you things such as your highest FPS (Frames Per Second), the average FPS your game will most likely run at, and what your lowest FPS was when things really hit the fan. Some of the better ones will even recommend to you what settings you should set the game at to get the best mix of graphical appeal without needing to sacrifice a good frame rate.
So with that out of the way, I thought it might be useful to make a list of recent PC games that come with a built in Benchmarking tool to test out your computers performance. Sadly games that do this these days are far and few in between, so this will most likely be an ongoing list that I would like to get help from you fine folks with. I will begin by listing off the games that I know have Benchmarking software in them, but please feel free to let me know in the comments of any other ones and I will add them to the list as we go.

Games with a Built in Benchmarking Software

Note: All games marked with an * were submitted by the community. So if it doesn't have one, blame them not me!
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Street Fighter IV.
Company of Heroes + expansions.

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Lost Planet 2 
Resident Evil 5 
Not sure if they come with the games themselves but they're definitely available for download.
Capcom seem to be very good with providing people with benchmarks for their more recent games.

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Metro 2033

Resident Evil 5 (I think)

Dirt 3.

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I think I saw something about benchmarks in Total War: Shogun 2 before starting it up. I should try that.

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Arma II

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I didn't realise that Crysis had a benchmark tool, when I read this here I had a hunt through the Crysis directories in my Steamapps folder and found it in Bin32, Metro 2033 was another where I had to search for it in the same way.
Crysis 2 had a batchfile called Benchmark created in its Bin32 folder but this was empty, so I'll have to have a look at how to get this to work at some point, it might need a download of some sort first.

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World in Conflict

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  • Far Cry 2
  • Counter Strike : Source (though it may not be that relevant to modern machines)
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World in Conflict

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HAWX 2 has a free to download benchmarking tool if I remember right. 
Also, shouldn't this be, you know, a list maybe?

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The Last Remnant has one I'm pretty sure.

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Doesn't DMC4 have it?

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@Chavtheworld said:
HAWX 2 has a free to download benchmarking tool if I remember right.  Also, shouldn't this be, you know, a list maybe?
The idea was to make it a thread so that it could be stickied at the top of the PC forums, so that if someone decided they wanted to test something they could use it as a quick reference guide.
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Is it possible to turn this into an actual wiki page? Would be pretty useful and easy to find that way.

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@modernchris said:

Is it possible to turn this into an actual wiki page? Would be pretty useful and easy to find that way.

Done! Benchmark Included is now a concept on the wiki. Sweet necromancy, right?

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NBA 2k13 and Witcher 2.

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Pretty sure the new Tomb Raider has a benchmark.

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The Trackmania games.

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@jazzycola said:

NBA 2k13 and Witcher 2.

The Witcher 2 has a built-in benchmark? Where?

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@jazzycola said:

NBA 2k13 and Witcher 2.

The Witcher 2 has a built-in benchmark? Where?

I could be wrong. I thought it was in the visual settings in the boot menu, but again I suppose I could be wrong. I swear that's how I optimized my settings. Though, I could be thinking of Tomb Raider which I was playing at the same time as Witcher 2.

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You're probably thinking of the Configuration Tool to setup Witcher 2:

It just guesses at the settings your system should use; it's def. not a benchmark.

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Hitman: Absolution

Bioshock: Infinite

Sleeping Dogs

Resident Evil 6


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DiRT 2

Batman: Arkham City

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