Trying to sell my gaming computer. What's the best way?

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Here are some general specs:

AMD Phenom II X6 2.6 Ghz


AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB


I also want to sell my logitech MX 518 mouse, logitech G105 keyboard, and a viewsonic 19" monitor. All of which would just be packaged in with it.

It can run pretty much anything I throw at it at high-ultra settings

I'm looking to sell it for $500-$600

The problem is: I don't know how to go about selling it. It seems as if there isn't much of a market for used gaming PCs. I have posted a craigslist ad, but it hasn't garnered much interest. eBay seems like it would be a pain in the ass with shipping and seller fees. I'm not too crazy on disassembling the whole thing to sell it piece wise. I'm hoping that by posting this, someone who has been successful in selling their gaming PC will be able to give me some insight. Don't let me down Giant Bomb!

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I sold my old gaming pc to a friend. You have any friends that need one? Or friends of friends? Other than that, I'm not sure.

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You're asking way too much for it. I would say somewhere between 300-500 is a fairer price for those used components.

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They sure are, out of the box, but them and everything else drop dramatically in value especially not knowing the background of the rig. $500 would be great any higher grats on grabbing a sucker. Your best bet is yes a friend because you could convince them its all put together well and good conidition, otherwise good luck.

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Yea I'd never buy a used PC cause you don't know what that person did to it.

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@cid798: Don't mean to be argumentative, but the used prices listed on amazon--and ebay for that matter--are quite comparable. Anyway $500 seems reasonable enough to me. Suppose I can't convince any of my friends to take a $500 plunge into the PC gaming world, how would you guys recommend pricing of the individual parts? To give some more background, the system was purchased assembled (here's a visual reference with the same case granted the components are the ones I listed above I put in a third party power supply, swapped out the graphics card, and put in a wireless network card. Would I be better off to sell the essential pieces (mobo, cpu, power supply, case) together the way I originally bought it, then the third party stuff separate? By the way, thanks for the help. I'm in somewhat of a hurry to get rid of this thing.

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Depending where you live there could be localized sites for selling it, like in Canada we have the Used______ sites which work pretty well. Besides that I would say just see if anyone you know is interested or might know someone who is.

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I think selling it piece by piece is a much better option. It's much more likely people are going to buy it, I usually have no trouble at all selling my old PC parts online.

It'll just be a bit annoying putting it up and shipping it, but the money you'll get back is much better than selling it all at once. Also you'll have to get kind of lucky even finding someone that is interested, who happens to need every specific thing you're selling and will buy it for a reasonable price.

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I'll pay you a whole dollar.

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@Turtlebird95 said:

I'll pay you a whole dollar.

I'll raise you! $1.01!

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Good luck. The market for second hand unwarrantied PC parts isn't exactly huge. Try Craigslist I guess, just be prepared to demonstrate that everything is in working order, and be ready to bargain.

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Good luck.

I feel you just can not sell second hand computer part nor would i ever buy a whole pc secondhand.

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@Metapod said:

@eskimo:I absolutely am not asking too much.

Just the graphics card and processor alone are almost $300

Used means lack of Warranty. Also used parts are significantly cheaper unless they are high end parts. Best bet for those 2 parts is $200-$250.

However try Craigslist or a friend. You won't want to ship it, cause it's going to be heavy as hell and no one wants to drop 70 extra bucks on shipping.

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