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i recently asked a question regarding playing skyrim on my laptop in the general forums couldnt find the pc. im using a sony vaio vpceb37fd laptop. the question was for trying to get skyrim to play at least 15 fps would be good. following some information from the links provided I ended finding out my cpu was only using 2 cores the other 2 were parked so i unparked them and seemed to have gotten a small boost. now following some info from there i got some graphs and such to show. it seems im only using about 16% of my gpu wich im assuming is whats causing my low fps. is there anyway to get more umph from this gpu flashing bios or anything if someone can hack into the pentigon i should be able to make my gpu do more. this graph is while running skyrim

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heres my cpu it says 2 cores but it shows 4 dunno why.

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EDIT: nevermind the first part I read the picture wrong. also, why did you start an entirely new thread when you have an old one? From less than 24 hours ago? Did you try ANY of the mods recommended there?

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@poppduder: to your edit yes i do actually only have dedicated 128mb but the gpu has 1700mb so its stupid that i cannot use more dedicated. and i made a new thread because i wanted it in the pc forums and yes i did try those mods. this is another pic of what ive tried to do i cannot adjust the sliders though i can double click the pics at the bottom of the slider it was at like 114 it only let me put 200. so if flashing something like bios or w/e is possibleid be willing to do that. and i made a new account cuz i couldnt post anymore.

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Your GPU is an integrated chip. It's not a graphics card. It's onboard. This means that it shares resources with your processor and memory to make graphics, and it's pretty slow. That 1700MB figure means that it can potentially take that much from RAM, but even if it did do that, it would be slow, partly because the integrated chip itself is very slow, and partly because system memory is a lot slower than the GDDR5 memory that's on a graphics card.

In layman's terms, this is like saying that you need a wider track to run on when the problem isn't the size of the running track, it's the slow speed at which you run. So Skyrim isn't going to work decently on your laptop. I told you in the last thread, I spent a few years trying to get games to run on a laptop that couldn't do it and it was all a terrible waste of time, you shouldn't even mess with it because it isn't going to work.

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