Upgrade GTX 465 sc to ????

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Hey guys,

I currently have a Gtx 465, Im Thinking of upgrading but im not really sure on what to buy.

This is currently what im looking at, but im not sure if i can get anything better for the money. or if i can get something cheaper with similar performance....gtx 680 or gtx 660ti? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. want to purchase something before saturday (amazon will start charging taxes in california after sat). thanks

GTX 670 ftw 4g


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The 670 is an excellent choice, from what I've heard, and it's relatively new. It's nearly as powerful as the 680 but costs considerably less.

I have a GTX 680; you definitely pay a premium for the performance, but that being said, it really is a powerful card. If the 670 had existed when I bought it, I might have gone for that instead just to save cash, but as it stands I don't regret my decision.

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Do not buy a 4GB model. Do. Not. Not unless you have a 30" IPS. Then maybe. GTX 670 is certainly a great choice though. I'm building a 680 rig at the moment, and super pumped about that. If it's worth the price for you to have the best of the best, you should go for it. Fuck, if you're willing to pay $500 for a 670 with more VRAM than you'll likely need, just get a 2GB 680 duder. It's about the same price.

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If you want to buy a card now and not upgrade again for several years (3-5 years) look at a 680 as the minimum requirement (The Unreal 4 demo was done on a 680, the Samaritan Demo was done on a single 680). So I believe that is the baseline standard that developers are following for the next generation of consoles.

My real recommendation is to just hold off until the 7xx-series parts if you can, that way you have a lot more headroom for the upcoming generation of PC titles. My old 8800gt still plays everything coming out on PC to a degree of proficiency similar to a 360 or PS3. Since the 360 is equivalent to the 7xxx series of cards that leads me to believe that, despite all the hyperbole on the internet towards the GTX-6xx series (I am the proud owner of a 680), it really is the next generation of cards you want.

If you must buy a card, get the 660-ti. This card is all you need if you are running a 1080p monitor. The only real-world difference between the performance of this card and a 680 for every game currently on the market is the amount of anti-aliasing you can use. Then spend the money you saved on a badass SSD.

Edit: I admit ignorance on my part to not recommending ATI products but from my own experience (i used to own two 4850's) the drivers just weren't as reliable as nVidia drivers, while usually being slower to adopt certain game profile settings like crossfire. I hear they are better about those things now.

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Alright duders , I'm going to check out the 680 sc 2gb and the 670 sc 2gb. Thanksnfornthe help.

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ATI all the way!

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Moneterydread Any idea when the 7xx series cards will be available. I want my new card to last me some good years. Don't want to buy something that I have to upgrade again in 1 or 2 years.

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@mclakers said:

Moneterydread Any idea when the 7xx series cards will be available. I want my new card to last me some good years. Don't want to buy something that I have to upgrade again in 1 or 2 years.

The 600 series just came out

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I just picked up a GTX 660Ti, and it completely owns my GTX470 that I was using before. I think anything from GTX660Ti-680 will give you a great bump in performance.

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Just picked up a gtx 680 sc. Thanks for the help duders

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