Using an official Xbox 360 headset on PC.

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Hey folks, I need some input on the possibility of using the official Xbox 360 headset (the one that most often comes with the Xbox 360 console) on PC. Unfortunately my usual headset broke quite recently and the only cheap headsets I seem to come across use the common audio and headset connections to PC. Thing is, in the past I've had a nightmare with using these sorts of headphones, for some reason Windows 7 never works well with them so have most often relied on USB headsets which tend to be more expensive. So I thought I'd try and see if there's a way to use the headset that comes with the 360.

In the past I have been able to get it to work, though it's far from perfect with low volume and the obvious fact that you have to attach it to a wired 360 controller to get it to work in the first place. Is there a better method (maybe even program) to get them to work efficiently on PC?

Appreciate any help, thanks as always.

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It works with a wireless 360 controller as well, assuming you have a PC dongle for it. As for the volume thing, if your OS and drivers give you a boost option under the recording tab/Properties/Levels option you may be able to boost it up a little. Otherwise, you're going to have to use chat software that can artificially regulate your microphone levels, because it does seem to be rather low by default.

So not an ideal option, but it should be doable.

You may have more luck with a different headset, though. Define "cheap"? I know of decent sets that will double as very serviceable headphones and have price tags in the two digit range, both USB and 3.5mm.

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@trueenglishgent: I was thinking for a long time how to hack that thing to get it to run through my PC, and then output it again after doing some on the fly auto-tuning for a laugh.

As far as I'm aware the only way you could connect it is via normal 3mm audio in/out jacks. The 1.5mm (or so, I forget exactly what it is) that it uses basically has mono in and mono out I think. You could split it into two 3mm jacks but if you said you had no luck in the past with normal audio jacks on your machine then the best way is through the Xbox controller.

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